Transfer Students

Transfer Students

See how PA College can fit into your health sciences education, and learn how to transfer your financial aid.

Transferring Credit

Transfer credit may be awarded for previous coursework. A course must meet the following requirements to be considered for transfer to PA College:

  • Undergraduate courses with a grade of “C” or above
  • Graduate courses with a grade of “B” or above
    • Pass/Fail grades are not eligible for transfer credit
  • Must be from a regionally or programmatically accredited institution
  • The coursework must match the course offered at PA College
  • Some programs have a time limit for specific courses
    • Earned credit may be submitted for review based on the following timeline:

Download our transfer credit policy.

Eligible Institutions

The following regionally located institutions' courses are eligible for transfer to PA College.

Cecil College
Delaware County Community College
Delaware Technical Community College
Harford Community College
Harrisburg Area Community College
Immaculata University
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Messiah University
Millersville University
Penn State University
Reading Area Community College
York College of Pennsylvania

Don’t see your institution or courses you’ve taken?

If your institution or courses are not listed here, but your courses meet the above requirements, they will be automatically reviewed for transfer by the Registrar if you are admitted into a program. A syllabus may be requested to try and confirm transfer. Once you have applied and submitted official transcripts, please contact the Office of Admissions with questions.

Alternative Credit: CLEP, AP Exam, Excelsior, Transcript Review and Course Challenge

No more than 15 undergraduate credits may be earned by alternative credit sources. No more than three graduate credits may be earned by alternative credit sources.

Follow this link for the complete Alternative Credit Policy.

Matriculated Students

A matriculated student is a student who is active in a degree-granting program. The start date of the first term in which the student is active in the respective program is the student’s date of matriculation.

Matriculated undergraduate students may transfer up to 6 total credits:
A. 3 credits of 100 and 200 level courses
B. 3 credits of 300 and 400 level courses.

Matriculated graduate students may transfer up to 3 credits from other institutions for graduate division courses (500 level courses or above).

For example, if you were accepted for Fall 2021, your date of matriculation is the first day of the fall semester – August 14, 2021.

Follow this link for the complete Transfer Credit for Matriculated Students Policy.

Articulation Agreements

The following articulation agreements have been established to ensure a smooth transition for transferring students, identifying comparable coursework that allows for degree requirements to be met at one institution and transferred into PA College.

Transferring Your Financial Aid

If you have received federal financial aid at a previous institution, you may still have financial aid eligibility at PA College. Transferring your financial aid information is an easy process that you can complete at any time during the transfer process.

To determine your financial aid eligibility, you will need to update your current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Federal School Code (009863). Once the school code has been added to your FAFSA, please make sure to electronically resubmit your FAFSA.

Once your FAFSA has been received, it can be reviewed and processed for aid eligibility. Please be aware that if you fit in one or more of the following categories, it may be necessary for the Financial Services Office to reduce already disbursed financial aid:

You have already received aid for the current term and your financial aid is in excess of eligibility.
Your loans are in excess of annual borrowing limits.
You have reached the federal aggregate borrowing limit.
If you have received a PHEAA State Grant during the current academic year at a previous institution, you will need to contact PHEAA and update your transfer. Call PHEAA at 1-800-233-0557. The Office of Financial Aid will inform you of your financial aid award for the semester in which you are enrolling.

If you have any questions regarding transferring your financial aid information, please call Student Financial Services at (717) 947-6300 or by email

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