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Second Quarter NCLEX-RN Pass Rates Released

by PA College April 17, 2018

Each quarter, the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing reports the pass rates for first-time test takers on the national licensure exam for nurses, also known as NCLEX-RN. Many variables contribute to the success of each test taker, such as the nursing curriculum, faculty, academic advisors and support staff, as well as the nursing graduates themselves.

For the second quarter, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is proud to announce a passing rate of 97.47%, which brings our 2017-2018 pass rate total-to-date to 95.12%!

“These scores are reflective of the student’s hard work, resilience and engagement in student-learning activities,” said Chief Academic Nursing Officer, Cheryl Grab. “The Division of Nursing at PA College is very proud of their accomplishments!”