People of PA College: April 2017 Edition

by PA College April 20, 2017

People of PA College: April 2017 Edition

Each month, we share the stories of the People of PA College who make the college a great place to learn, work and grow. Here are April’s stories!

Alumni Spotlight

Loren Filippini, ASN ’14, BSN ’16
RN, Lancaster General Hospital

Before enrolling at PA College, Loren Filippini studied elementary education at Temple University and later architectural drafting at Montgomery County Community College. She contributed to a variety of interior and industrial design projects in her subsequent work – from introducing signage for new supermarket cafés to designing custom-made stainless steel plates utilized in large machinery. While rewarding, Loren aspired to touch lives more directly and eventually found her calling when her grandmother was placed in hospice care. She knew immediately that she wanted to deliver the same level of care and compassion to others. Loren resigned from her position and moved to Lancaster to enroll in our evening/weekend Associate of Science in Nursing program, completing her degree in May 2014. While a student, Loren worked full-time as a patient care assistant at Lancaster General Hospital. Loren continued her education at PA College and earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing in October 2016.

Loren is now employed as a full-time nurse on 5 East, a cardio- thoracic telemetry unit at Lancaster General Hospital that cares for patients who undergo heart and lung surgeries. She’s appreciative that her PA College education has allowed her to achieve her goal of delivering compassionate nursing care. Relocating from Philadelphia to Lancaster was an adjustment, but Loren now loves living downtown and walking to and from work each day. Loren shares, “I am most proud of taking that bold step into the unknown – of quitting my job and diving into something completely foreign to me, both from a professional standpoint and in regard to lifestyle/environment. Now I pronounce Lancaster just like everybody else here!”

In her free time, Loren enjoys trail running and creating exciting meals with all the fresh, seasonal produce she picks up at Central Market on her walks home from work. She also hosts the occasional game night, noting that she loves to have her table covered with games and surrounded by friends and laughter.

Faculty Spotlight

Tomomi Horning, MHA
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Tomomi Horning is an Assistant Professor in the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Health Sciences programs at PA College. She teaches mainly health care administration courses such as Health Care Finance, Health Care Quality, Internship, Data Analysis and Project Management. Tomomi also serves as an adjunct in the graduate program, and developed the Health System Organization & Management and Organizational Behavior & Performance Improvement in Health Care courses. She completed a bachelor’s degree in managerial economics with a concentration in quantitative analysis and business, and earned a master’s degree in healthcare administration. Tomomi is currently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration.

Until 2011, she worked exclusively in health care, in a variety of areas such as dental, behavioral health, physician practice, and hospital/health systems. Tomomi is especially proud of various projects she was privileged to be part of while working at Lancaster General Health. When the hospital was preparing to convert its business systems to Epic, she worked with the Patient Financial Services team and two external contractors to reduce its accounts receiveable legacy system, settling approximately $100 million in outstanding accounts receivable payments in less than a year. She is also proud of the implementation of a financial and operating benchmarking system called Action O-I.

Now immersed in her role as an educator, Tomomi shares, “I feel very privileged to work with my peers at PA College. Although we come from different fields, I feel very connected with faculty from all divisions.” Last year she worked with Dr. Kari Cellini (Nursing) and Dr. Dana Costea (General Education) on a research project about faculty perceptions about research. This year, Tomomi is again teaming up with Dr. Costea on a study to explore faculty perceptions about ethical standards and student conduct. Tomomi notes, “These collaborative projects remind me that the best work is accomplished in collaboration with others. Not only is it more fun, it helps you grow as an individual.”

Tomomi and her husband David have two children – Caleb, 5 and Sarah, 3. Also part of the family is a golden retriever puppy, Rally, and at the peak of summer, approximately 300,000 honeybees at home in their four beehives. In addition to enjoying honey, Tomomi likes to knit, play volleyball and most of all, spend time with her family.

Student Spotlight

Jewels Yarnall ’17
Associate of Science in Nursing

Before beginning her nursing education, Jewels Yarnall earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Frostburg State University. She had also taken health care-related courses at West Virginia University, George Washington University and Harrisburg Area Community College. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Jewels became a Certified Personal Trainer and spent a few years working in the fitness industry in the Washington, DC area. She then changed careers and worked in many roles in the information technology field, one of which was working as a Satellite Analyst for Honeywell at NASA.

Jewels is currently enrolled in our Associate of Science in Nursing degree program and plans to graduate in December 2017. “I chose PA College because they have a long-standing reputation of excellence,” explains Jewels. As a second-career student, with general education course work completed, she was also attracted by the opportunity to enter directly into the clinical portion of her studies. Jewels now works as a Customer Service Specialist in the Emergency Department at Lancaster General Hospital and enjoys the flow of care delivered there. After graduation, she hopes to begin working as a nurse in Emergency Medicine while pursuing an advanced nursing degree.

Jewels shares that she has run several marathons and competed both at the collegiate and semi-professional level in athletics. She is also a classically trained clarinetist. Jewels enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, boyfriend and pets