People of PA College: September 2017 Edition

by Karen Jenkins October 4, 2017

People of PA College: September 2017 Edition

Each month, we share the stories of the People of PA College who make the college a great place to learn, work and grow. Here are September’s stories!

Student Spotlight

Kristin Beard, RN ’16, BSN ’18
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“I have wanted to become a nurse for as long as I can remember,” shares Kristin Beard. Motivated to enter the field as soon as possible, she earned her ASN degree from PA College in 2016, and while working an Emergency Department Nurse at Lancaster General Hospital is now continuing her education in our online RN to BSN program. Eventually, Kristin aspires to obtain her MSN degree and broaden her career experience as a nurse practitioner specializing in Trauma.

Kristin shares that when she first began her nursing studies, she was regularly told that while the academic experience may seem like the hardest adventure, it won’t be. She now agrees that the challenge of working in the field is what truly made her a nurse, noting “Nurses learn by experience; that is what makes us unique.” Kristin wrote a story about her working experience for her English Composition class entitled “Who Would Want to Do This?” It was recently published by Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine, a national online medical humanities creative writing publication. In her story, she describes the experience of losing a trauma patient and sharing this devastating news with the man’s family. She writes: “The best and the worst are inextricably linked. They’re two sides of the same job. This family’s deepest distress has called up my deepest caring; on the worst day of their lives, I’ve given them the best of myself. This leads to another thought: Who wouldn’t want to do this? And I keep on going.”

When she is not working or pursuing her online classes, Kristin loves spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys the outdoors and loves going to her family’s cabin. She also enjoy throwing pottery and shares that the outdoors and art provide her with an escape from the technological and high stress environment she works in every day.

Alumni Spotlight

Tiffany Rubin ’08
CEO, Nurse Next Door Delaware

Tiffany Rubin began her health care career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) while still in high school, and this position later helped her pay for her ASN degree from PA College (then Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences), which she earned in 2008. Tiffany recalls many highlights from her time as an ASN student, noting that she especially love her clinical experiences with now Dean of Curriculum, Jean Hershey. She and her classmates also started an intermural basketball team, which Tiffany calls “a disaster, but great fun.”

After graduation, Tiffany moved to Colorado and began her career as an RN on a medical-surgical unit, a position that she calls her favorite yet, thanks to wonderful fellow physicians and nurses. She also began working on a BSN degree, which she completed after a subsequent move to Oklahoma. Tiffany vividly remembers her first experience of seeing the human brain during this new experience working in the OR as a circulating nurse. In 2013, she moved to Delaware and began Master’s degree coursework while working in a cardiac step-down ICU. About a year later, Tiffany started her own home care business, putting her studies on hold while she developed Nurse Next Door Delaware. As CEO, Tiffany oversees a team of CNA’s, LPN’s, RN’s and a social worker providing home health care throughout Delaware.

Tiffany is a proud alumna, noting that her education here helped her to start a successful business. She especially values the challenging, but rewarding experience of creating its processes and care standards, as well tackling ongoing strategic planning. She also credits her PA College experience with helping her to achieve life balance. Tiffany shares: “I’ve experienced 16 hour night shifts, variable shifts, home care, hospital bedside nursing and management, all in under 9 years. Now I have the opportunity to work a schedule that fits for me and my husband as we grow our family.” Tiffany and her husband Chad are parents to 18 month-old Harrison and after a move to New Jersey in October, are expecting a baby girl in December. In addition to spending time with her family, Tiffany loves to coach field hockey and read action novels.

Staff Spotlight

James Siburt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Vice President of Academic Affairs

James Siburt is now several months into his new role as Vice President of Academic Affairs, tasked with ensuring that PA College continues to provide an excellent education for our students, support and develop our faculty, and protect the interests of our stakeholders. A restructuring of Academic Affairs has been implemented to improve communications, empower faculty and foster an agile and high performing team that will best prepare our graduates for the future of health care. Jim is excited about the just-launched Doctorate in Nursing Practice program, and the bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science program that will launch in Fall 2018. He also shares that a new research project now underway will help us better understand how faculty and students collaborate and how to make education a seamless aspect of student life through better use of platform agnostic technology.

A diverse education and career path has led Jim to his work at PA College. He has been an educator and leader in various capacities including military, corporations, non-profit organizations, and higher education. Jim notes that his roles in admissions, recruitment, marketing, course design, IT support, faculty, and administration have all prepared him to lead and serve the staff, faculty, and students at PA College. Looking back over his career to date, Jim shares that “I am most proud of the times I was able to help others discover their talents and pursue their passions. As an educator and leader, it is rewarding to witness the moment when that occurs.”

Jim and his family live in the Mountville/Silver Spring area. His wife Audra is self-employed doing SEO and web work, his youngest daughter is very active in local community and professional theatre productions, his son is into Minecraft, music, and being a YouTuber, and his oldest daughter lives in Philadelphia where she works as a biomedical (ophthalmic) photographer and graphic designer. Jim loves to research and explore popular culture which he feels both informs and transforms our sociological understanding of the world in which we live. He is developing a podcast with a colleague on Healthcare in Popular Culture that will be distributed through several popular podcast channels.

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