People of PA College: May 2018 Edition

by Karen Jenkins May 29, 2018

People of PA College: May 2018 Edition

For this special edition of “People of PA College,” we share with you an excerpt of the speech offered by our Faculty member, three-time Alumnus, and (very recently) Student, Kyle Mongeau at our May 17 Commencement Ceremony:

Kyle Mongeau, BS, RT(R)

My name is Kyle Mongeau and I have the somewhat unusual distinction of occupying three roles this evening. I am here as a two-time graduate of Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences for both my associate and bachelor’s degrees. I also currently work at PA College as a faculty member in the radiography program. But I come before you this evening not as an alumni or a faculty member, but as a graduate celebrating with all of you as I complete my master’s degree program. Tonight I have the privilege of praising, celebrating, and hopefully inspiring you….

…education in health care is not just for the sake of adding letters behind your name. It’s about continuously growing as a provider and as a professional. Whether part of your career plans now or not, I can guarantee that each and every one of you graduating tonight is embarking on a journey of lifelong learning. You will inevitably learn new technologies, new techniques for helping others, new equipment, and new ideas while you’re on the job. Take it a step further, and be open to new credentials, new certifications, or even a new degree. The degree you’re getting tonight does not need to be a finish line, but merely a checkpoint. Consider tonight to be a pit stop as you regroup, gather yourself, dust off the challenges of the past, and continue onward to the next leg of the race. It may be full of curves, breakdowns, hairpin turns, fast straights, clashes and crashes, but hopefully in the end, we all end up with an epic finish.

As you enter your respective fields, you’ll begin to be presented with opportunities. These opportunities may not present themselves in an obvious ways, and there is a distinct possibility that you will have to work hard, sometimes really hard, to reach them. But if you keep an open mind, good things will happen. So be the first in your department to train on a new piece of equipment. Volunteer to serve on a committee. Accept that coffee invitation from someone higher up. Stay past the end of your shift to comfort that patient. Help that new student who is terrified on their first day of clinical, like we all were not so long ago. Keep an open mind, challenge yourself, and in the end, you will persevere and achieve great things.

Congratulations to the class of 2018! Our perseverance has paid off.


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