People of PA College: March 2018 Edition

by Karen Jenkins March 9, 2018

People of PA College: March 2018 Edition

We’re proud of the ambitions and accomplishments of our students, alumni and faculty/staff – learn some of their stories in our monthly feature:

Student Spotlight

Brennan Ganteaume ’19

Associate of  Science in Nursing

Brennan Ganteaume began his PA College journey as an open studies student, and is excited to hone in on his future professional path now that he’s been accepted into the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree program. Brennan is eager to advise others considering a career in nursing or healthcare in general to take the time to research all available options before diving into a program, and to take advantage of opportunities for shadowing and mentoring programs to better understand specific professional roles.

A prom promise event he attended in high school that illustrated the dangers of drinking and driving through real-life scenarios inspired Brennan to pursue a career in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. Ultimately, he aspires to become a Flight Nurse with Stat Medevac. “I chose to pursue nursing in order to connect with people during their most frightening times and to bring calm to the storm,” shares Brennan. Employed at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health for more than three years, Brennan currently works for the Supplemental Staff team.

Brennan lives in Lititz and is a graduate of Warwick High School. He is the owner and chief instructor of Lititz Martial Arts, where he has spent the last 14 years training as a student. Brennan also enjoys traveling to new areas and making the most out of life.



Alumni Spotlight

Liz Jarvie, RN ’16, BSN ’18

Nurse, Cardiac Telemetry

Initially interested in becoming a physician assistant, Liz Jarvie ‘16 was later inspired to pursue a nursing career by the wonderful care she received from a post-op nurse following her 2012 back surgery. Liz earned her Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree from PA College in 2016, and is now pursuing her BSN degree, which she hopes to complete this semester. She has worked for a year and a half on a cardiac telemetry floor at Lancaster General Hospital, as a bedside nurse. Liz typically cares for five patients during each shift, most of whom are post cardiac catheterizations and those diagnosed with Afib, along with many other heart-related issues.

Within her first year of nursing, Liz was awarded a Daisy Award, an honor from the Daisy Foundation driven by nominations by patients or family members who wish to recognize extraordinary nursing care. Liz describes the patient relationship that led to her award: “This patient was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and was afraid of being alone. I would check on my other patients, do their assessments and medication passes and then I would come sit with this patient until she fell asleep. The family was worried about her and said she slept better in the chair, so the next night, I got her into the chair and left a note for the family that morning to tell them that the chair worked great! I am very proud of this award as it reassured me that I went into the right profession.” Liz also credits her PA College experience with helping her to become the nurse she is today, adding “With all of the clinical experiences to the wonderful instructors I had, I would not be where I am today without all of it.”

Liz has lived most of her life in Lancaster, having spent a few childhood years in the Wilkes Barre area. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and playing with her Chocolate Lab, Bailey and Border Collie, Gemini.


Seeking “People of PA College”

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