People of PA College: April 2018 Edition

by Karen Jenkins April 12, 2018

People of PA College: April 2018 Edition

We’re proud of the ambitions and accomplishments of our students and alumni – learn some of their stories in our monthly feature:

Student Spotlight

Tiara Morrison ’19

3-Year Bachelor of  Science in Nursing

Tiara Morrison began her college career at West Chester University studying pre-physical therapy, but in her second year, decided that this field wasn’t the best fit for her future. She decided to pursue nursing, and was exciting by the diversity of roles and opportunities for growth in this profession. Tiara also saw nursing as a way to work with patients in a more holistic way, making meaningful connections and helping others in a job she enjoys. She chose PA College for our great partnership with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. Tiara works in food service at Lancaster General Hospital and feels blessed that she has received financial support from her employer to pursue her degree.

Tiara is currently enrolled in our 3-year BSN program with an anticipated graduation date of December 2019. She is enjoying her student experience and was inspired by attending the National Student Nurse Convention this past, which she describes as a great opportunity to meet student leaders in her field, while enjoying time with some of her peers. While Tiara is keeping her options open until she has the chance to complete all of her clinical rotations, she notes: “I’m hopeful that I’ll get to work with infants/maternity. I have a nursing internship at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Women & Babies Hospital in couplet care this summer that I’m very excited about.” Tiara also hopes to eventually further her education at the Master’s level or beyond.

A life-long Lancaster resident, Tiara enjoys food and travel to warm, sunny places – preferably at the beach. Yet, most of the time she’s hard at work, persevering through challenges along the way. She adds: “I think it’s important to share that even if you have setbacks, keep moving forward! Healthcare can be a difficult field but setbacks can make you stronger in the long run.”


Alumni Spotlight

Rachel Ruetiman, RN ’11, BSN, MSN, FNP

Postpartum Nurse, Penn Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital and Clinical Instructor, University of Pennsylvania

“My degree and clinical experiences at PA College have really been the foundation for the rest of my career as a nurse. I feel that the rigorous course work and hands-on clinical experiences prepared me to provide excellent care for patients,” shares alumna Rachel Ruetiman. Also important to her was the encouragement she received from faculty along the way. Rachel recalls one especially meaningful day when one of her clinical instructors told her that she was aware that several of Rachel’s friends had withdrawn from the nursing program, and that she hoped that Rachel wasn’t planning do to so as well. When Rachel assured her that she was not, her instructor told her, with relief, that in seeing how she interacts with patients, she truly believed that Rachel was meant to be a nurse.

After graduating from the ASN program in 2011, Rachel began working at an inpatient rehab hospital. About a year later, she took a position on a high-risk antepartum and postpartum unit in Arlington, Virginia. It was there that Rachel discovered how much she enjoyed caring for patients across the life span, working with both adults and pediatric patients. Rachel also realized that while she loved her role as a staff nurse, she truly aspired to become a family nurse practitioner and needed to further her education. Rachel earned her BSN from Thomas Jefferson University in 2014 while continuing to work full-time in Arlington. She then enrolled in Villanova University’s MSN/FNP program, earning that degree last year, with honors.

At the time of her relocation to Philadelphia, Rachel also began working as a staff nurse on the postpartum unit at Penn Medicine Pennsylvania Hospital and she is especially proud of the dual accomplishment. Rachel adds: “In this role I have the opportunity to provide direct patient care while precepting new nursing staff, which I really enjoy. Obtaining my MSN also opened up a chance for me to teach a women and infant clinical rotation for undergraduate nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania. This has been an amazing opportunity to help educate future nurses about the care of patients on Labor and Delivery, postpartum, and NICU. I hope that I am able to have the same positive impact on these students as my clinical instructors had on me at PA College.”

Rachel currently lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband and their Corgi named Tucker. In her free time she enjoy taking yoga classes and exploring local hiking trails with her husband and Tucker. Rachel also love traveling and experiencing different cultures and foods.


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