Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Announces Fall 2020 President’s and Dean’s List Honorees

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, central Pennsylvania’s preeminent educational institution for the health care field, today announced its Dean’s List honorees for the Fall 2020 semester with 444 students recognized. Additionally, 95 students were named to the President’s List.

To attain Dean’s List honors, students need to obtain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher during the semester. The President’s List recognizes a competitive group of students who maintain a 3.95 grade point average or higher during the semester.

“On behalf of everyone at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, we congratulate all of our Fall 2020 Dean’s and President’s Lists recipients on the recognition for their commitment to educational excellence,” said Dr. Mary Grace Simcox, President of Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. “Despite the challenges many of these students faced in pursuing their respective degrees during the COVID-19 pandemic, these students earned the highest levels of academic achievement through their diligence, resiliency and dedication to a rewarding career in health care.”

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is dedicated to developing elite medical professionals equipped to navigate the changing landscape of health care and improve patient outcomes. PA College’s rigorous curriculum prepares students for a variety of health care settings and roles, and to work collaboratively across disciplines to foster a holistic approach to care.

Fall 2020 President’s List

NameHometownAcademic Program
Marie AlbertoliLancasterBSN
Grace Elizabeth BachismYorkRadiography
Jessica Marie BaerLancasterRN to BSN
Claudia Reid BaluskieLancasterBSN
Hannah Eileen BlauchLebanonNursing
Bailey Nicole BrubakerLancasterRN to BSN
Mary Louise BuemiChesterBSN
Sarah Emily CarrChesterBSN
Moriah CarrollLancasterNursing
Diana Gabriela ChavezDauphinNursing
Olga ChernovskiyYorkDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Terri L. ClairLancasterRN to BSN
Ellie Marie ClaussLancasterNursing
Christopher Jacob CollettiChesterNursing
Felicia ConwayLancasterRN to BSN
Christine CosimanoChesterVascular Sonography
Alex D. DennisLancasterRN to BSN
Amanda Faye DetwilerLancasterNursing
Katherine Faye DiCianoLancasterNursing
Jessica L. DieffenbachLancasterNursing
Ajla DzinoLancasterNursing
Jennifer EckBerksNursing
Lorelei Ruth Gile FerreLancasterRN to BSN
Lauren A. FoxLancasterBSN
Jodi FrockYorkNursing
Robyn GillLancasterRN to BSN
Hannah Elisabeth GoodLancasterRN to BSN
Madeline GoteChesterNursing
Ashlynn Drew GrinderAdamsRadiography
Abigail Marie GroffLancasterNursing
Cathryn Grace GroveLancasterHealth Sciences
Mariah GroveYorkBSN
Samantha Leigh HeindelLancasterHealth Sciences
Danielle HeiseyLancasterBSN
Kattie Irene HeiseyDauphinNursing
Megan HelselLancasterNursing
Allison Marie HighLancasterNursing
Katrina HinkleYorkNursing
Lillian Grace HokeLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Janae HorningLebanonNursing
Mikayla HorstLancasterNursing
Breanna N. IngramLancasterHealthcare Administration
Breanna N. IngramLancasterHealth Sciences
April Dawn IversonLancasterRadiography
Samantha Marie JohnsonLancasterRN to BSN
Kylie KautzLancasterRadiography
Amy KingBerksNursing
Chandler Grace KurtzLancasterNursing
Elisha Marie LatkovichLancasterNursing
Mary Elise LehmanLancasterRN to BSN
Rachel Tsui-Ling LiewLancasterRN to BSN
Aphaphorn MartelChesterRN to BSN
Kayla McEvoyLancasterBSN
Abbi MelcherYorkRadiography
Victoria L. MendezLancasterNursing
Nishmarie MercadoLancasterMedical Laboratory Science
Anne Margaret MessnerChesterNursing
Nickea Chanelle MetzlerLancasterNursing
Eleanor J. MulvennaLancasterHealth Sciences
Kimberly ParsonsLancasterCardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Marissa PeticcaLancasterRN to BSN
Sarah E. PickLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Erin PiergalliniLebanonNursing
Sarah PopdanLancasterRN to BSN
Brei PowersLancasterNursing
Ashley Darlene QuillinLancasterNursing
Alyssa Christine RaftovichLancasterRN to BSN
Jocelyn Rodriguez-BelloLancasterNursing
Brianna Nichole RosarioLancasterRN to BSN
Jody RosenblumMiddlesexHealthcare Administration
Andrew RossLancasterRespiratory Care
Pamela RyanLancasterRN to BSN
Mark Andrew SadlerLancasterNursing
Eulalia Sanchez-LutchkusLancasterBSN
Oksana Marie SchademanLancasterNursing
Emma Nicole SheetsLancasterBSN
Jessica Brooke ShipkowskiLancasterBSN
Teresa SimmonsNew CastleNursing
Amy Fischer SmithYorkHealthcare Administration
Michelle SternYorkBSN
Banita Subedi PoudelLancasterRN to BSN
Adison Nicole SwisherLancasterRN to BSN
Jessica Marie SwisherLancasterRadiography
Brianna ThomasLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Mary Q. TurnerLancasterRN to BSN
Rachael N. Vazquez-ColonLancasterNursing
Kaknika VisetLancasterBSN
Morgan Elizabeth WagnerLancasterRN to BSN
Morgan Elizabeth WagnerLancasterRN to BSN
Nichole WagnerLancasterNursing
Preston Ray WeaverLancasterBSN
Tiffany WeinsheimerLancasterNursing
Maria Buckwalter WrightLancasterRN to BSN
Leigh-Anne YeagerYorkRadiography
Lexy M. ZeidersDauphinRN to BSN

Fall 2020 Dean’s List

NameHometownAcademic Program
Evana Y. AboudLehighNuclear Medicine Technology
Isabella Louise AielloDauphinBSN
Kerly Selina Aldaz-CastroCumberlandNursing
Katherine A. AlejandrezYorkBSN
Bridget Kristen AllenLancasterNursing
Vanessa Dampare AmpawLancasterNursing
Heather AndersonLancasterRN to BSN
Paige Nicole ApplebyLebanonNursing
Diana Luz ArceLancasterNursing
Eunice ArmerLancasterNursing
Bailee M. ArmoldLancasterBSN
Kelly Anne ArnoldLancasterNursing
Samantha ArnoldYorkDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Talia Rae ArnoldLebanonRadiography
Brianna ArrellChesterVascular Sonography
Adriane Paige AumanLebanonNursing
Chelsea AustinBerksNursing
Nancy BachelderLancasterRN to BSN
Megan BadovinacLancasterBSN
Hannah BahlsChesterBSN
Mohammad Tamour BariYorkBSN
Howard BarkerLancasterNursing
Marissa Carol BaylorLancasterRN to BSN
Anne Marie BeachtelAdamsNursing
Abigail Lianna BeattyLancasterNursing
Christine Marie BechtelLebanonRadiography
Charity BechtolLancasterBSN
Leah M. BeckerYorkMedical Laboratory Science
Olivia A. BeilerLancasterRN to BSN
Taylor A. BennettChesterRN to BSN
Julia Marie BidlespacherLancasterNursing
Alison Marie BinderupLancasterNursing
Kristy BlasickLancasterNursing
Marychelly-Ann Hinon BloseLancasterNursing
Whitney BlouchLancasterRadiography
Zachary BognerLancasterNuclear Medicine Technology
Julie Kay BoltonLancasterRN to BSN
Kameryn E. BowerYorkNuclear Medicine Technology
Jennifer BoydAdamsNursing
Tara Nicole Rose BradyAdamsRN to BSN
Lauren Elizabeth BrenemanLancasterBSN
Tara R. BrennerLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Courtney BrillhartYorkNursing
Stephanie Rose BujnoLancasterNursing
Taylor Kathleen BurkLancasterNursing
Rachel Madeline BurkeYorkBSN
Jamie Lynn BurkholderYorkHealthcare Administration
Jamie Lynn BurkholderYorkHealth Sciences
Coby Q. BushongLancasterRN to BSN
Sean D. ByrneLancasterRN to BSN
Kama Lee CaldwellLancasterHealth Sciences
Tairah CasherLancasterNursing
Emonie Treonna CastroYorkNursing
Nancy ChahiluLancasterNursing
Flore Germaine ChervilusYorkNursing
Amber Louise ChozasLancasterBSN
Amber Louise ChozasLancasterBSN
Kelly ChuquimiaLancasterNursing
Brittany ClarkLancasterNursing
Brittany ClarkLancasterNursing
Lexi Rae ClarkLancasterRN to BSN
Rachel ClarkBaltimoreNursing
Keli Janelle ClementsLebanonNursing
Laura Rose CochranLancasterNursing
Helga Karis ColbertLebanonNursing
Realina Marie ColonLancasterBSN
Ashley CookChesterRN to BSN
Shawney Joanne CookAdamsBSN
Bailey James CoonLancasterBSN
Tina Renee CopenhaverLancasterRN to BSN
Holly CormanCumberlandNursing
Peter CornellHennepinCardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Samantha CostelloPhiladelphiaHealthcare Administration
Fabienne CoulangesBerksNursing
Hannah Alexia CoxLebanonBSN
Lillie CurtisYorkBSN
Esther M. DalyBerksDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Nicole Marie DaminoLancasterNursing
Maggie DannekerLancasterRN to BSN
Denesha DasilvaCumberlandNursing
Taylor DavisYorkBSN
Josephine Massa Davis-BiahNew CastleNursing
Jessica DearmasYorkBSN
Heather DeMicheleChesterSurgical Technology
Serena Nicole DerosaLancasterNursing
Danica Louis DestineLancasterNursing
Jordan DevlinLancasterRN to BSN
Florence DiniLancasterBSN
Taylor Nicole DipangrazioYorkBSN
Amber Marie DonohueChesterBSN
Tamra Sherene DouglasLancasterBSN
Chloe DrachaBerksNursing
Jordan DubbsYorkNursing
Angela Kay EdwardsLancasterRN to BSN
Emma EgolfPerryNursing
April Lynn EinsigHarfordMedical Laboratory Science
Tania M. EmmensNew CastleNursing
Michelle Joy EngleLancasterNursing
Nicholas Peter ErcoliLancasterNursing
Tyler ErringtonChesterNursing
Kassia Rael EsbenshadeBerksBSN
Shelby Lynn EttingerYorkBSN
Ilena Nichole FaiolaLebanonHealthcare Administration
Alexa Marie FeistYorkBSN
Carmen A. FerberCumberlandHealthcare Administration
Carmen A. FerberCumberlandHealth Sciences
Ashley Rae FernandezYorkNursing
Aliena Grace FerranteChesterRadiography
Kaitlyn Marie FisherLancasterRN to BSN
Pamela Joan FletcherYorkNursing
Hannah Faith FlosserYorkNursing
Katrina FortunaLancasterNursing
Amber Lee FoxLancasterRN to BSN
Alexis J. FranklinLancasterRN to BSN
Alexis J. FranklinLancasterRN to BSN
Sarai FrickLancasterNursing
Kevin FritzLancasterNursing
Holly Leigh FrockYorkNursing
Jacqueline FuhrmanChesterRN to BSN
Maryjane FunkLancasterNursing
Megan Catherine GallagherBucksHealth Sciences
Lorraine GarciaLancasterNursing
Nair GarciaSuffolkBSN
Shandeliz GarciaBerksBSN
Julie Danielle GardnerLehighRN to BSN
Julie Danielle GardnerLehighRN to BSN
Ashley L. GarnerLancasterNursing
Kimberly GatesLancasterNursing
Olivia Gilda GburLancasterBSN
Megan GearyBerksBSN
Ribka GebreselassieLancasterNursing
Elysia L. GeibLancasterRN to BSN
Sierra GeibeLebanonBSN
Kayce Nicole GentzlerYorkNursing
Megan GeorgeLancasterRN to BSN
Avery Jordan GertzYorkBSN
Sara-Jane L. GetzLancasterRN to BSN
Tewfik GhazliLancasterNuclear Medicine Technology
J'aime GiacconeLancasterNursing
Doretta M. GierschLancasterHealthcare Administration
MacKenzie Lynne GillChesterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Natali GiourtisLancasterVascular Sonography
Brittney GipePerryNursing
Nicholas GlobigLancasterBSN
Carletta GoffYorkNursing
Donna L. GoodLancasterNursing
Katelyn Rebecca GoodLancasterBSN
Emma Nicole GrandeLancasterBSN
Jordan Nichole GraybillLancasterRadiography
Kirsten Anne GreenLancasterRN to BSN
Alex GregoryDauphinNursing
Erika GregoryAdamsBSN
Toby GriggsLancasterNuclear Medicine Technology
Carly Elizabeth GroffLancasterBSN
Kristalyn GroffLancasterBSN
Megan Martini GroveBerksDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Janelle GrowLancasterNursing
Miranda Jo GuethlerCecilNursing
Kelsey Marie GuthLebanonNursing
Leonardo GutierrezAdamsNursing
Danielle Katieann HackmanLebanonNursing
Ashley N. HaferAdamsNursing
Ashley N. HaferAdamsNursing
Kara Jane HahnlenLancasterNursing
Steisha HallChesterNursing
Kayla Erin HanleyHarfordNursing
Caroline Fayez HannaLancasterRN to BSN
Suzanne Marie HarerUnionNuclear Medicine Technology
Dustin HarrisLancasterHealth Sciences
Rachel Genevieve HashLancasterBSN
Allison HaskinsLebanonBSN
Ashley HauckLancasterRadiography
Kylie Brooke HauensteinCumberlandNursing
Leah Michelle HeiseyLancasterRN to BSN
Erin Antoinette HenryLancasterNursing
MacKenzie Nicole HerbLebanonBSN
Kaylani A. HernandezLancasterNursing
Kelsea Marie HersheyLancasterNursing
Alexander Michael HessLancasterBSN
Emily HessYorkNursing
Madison HigginsLancasterRadiography
Miah HinnershitzSchuylkillNursing
Katherine HixenbaughYorkNursing
Isabel HoffmanLebanonNursing
Madison A. HollingerLancasterBSN
Alison HollisLancasterNursing
Taylor HopkaCecilNursing
Jennifer Ann HuffmanLancasterNursing
Carlos Obed HutchinsonChesterMedical Laboratory Science
Cate M. HuxtableLancasterBSN
Samira Amadou IdeDauphinNursing
Alexis Jennifer JacksonLancasterBSN
Ashleigh Nycole JaremaLancasterNursing
Renee Lauren JohnsonLancasterNursing
Renee Lauren JohnsonLancasterNursing
Elizabeth Marleen KaiserYorkNursing
Laurent KapongoCumberlandNursing
Alayna KauffmanLancasterBSN
Gwen KauffmanLancasterNursing
Jeffrey Alan KauffmanYorkNursing
Parminder KaurBaltimoreBSN
Erin Victoria KellyLancasterBSN
Rose Marie KellyBerksBSN
Nastasha Tonya KennedyChesterBSN
Madeline KentnerPhiladelphiaMedical Laboratory Science
Jean E. KernAdamsNursing
Abi Elizabeth KimYorkNursing
Kerstin Nicole KingBedfordNursing
Leah E. KnepperLancasterNursing
Rachel Loraine KnightonLancasterNursing
Chelsea J. KocherNorthamptonCardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Kiersten Elizabeth KreadyLancasterNursing
Elisabeth Brianne KreiderLancasterBSN
Keith Allen KriderLancasterNursing
Brianna Leann KropleskyLancasterBSN
Sidney P. LaceyCumberlandDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Sarah Elizabeth LambNorthumberlandVascular Sonography
Vivian Anne LattanzeLebanonBSN
Makayla B. LaughlinSpokaneNursing
Michelle Lynn LavertyLancasterVascular Sonography
Kaylina Anne LawLancasterRN to BSN
Victoria LawsonLancasterSurgical Technology
Sheila LaymonLancasterRN to BSN
Madison E. LeakwayLancasterNursing
Hani Young LeeYorkNursing
Johanna Marie LefeverLancasterBSN
Sumer M. LefeverLancasterRN to BSN
Krystal Marie LeinbachLebanonNursing
Kaylea L. LerchLebanonRN to BSN
Kay Marie LieblLancasterNursing
Danielle LindaberyChesterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Joseph Charles LippartLancasterRN to BSN
Loren Nicole LivoteSuffolkBSN
Maura Elizabeth LohtYorkBSN
Milimirka LojpurLancasterNursing
Tara Michele LoomisBerksBSN
Victoria R. LorussoNassauRadiography
Collin Laudeman LoserLebanonRespiratory Care
Kathryn Romaine LoveYorkNursing
Corey James LucasBerksNursing
Ian M. LynamLancasterRN to BSN
Marilyn LynasLancasterBSN
Marilyn LynasLancasterBSN
Jessica LynchLancasterRN to BSN
Edina MakulDauphinNursing
Kathleen MalloyChesterNursing
Michael Andres MaradiagaLancasterNursing
Idriss Adoum MariamLancasterBSN
Ellie Katelyn MartinChesterNursing
Kristina Michelle MartinLancasterNursing
Logan Duane MartinLancasterHealthcare Administration
Mary Ann MartinLancasterNursing
Esther MartinezLancasterRN to BSN
Travis MayLancasterBSN
Ashley Lynne McCluneLancasterNursing
Caitlin Julia McGlincheyLancasterBSN
Nicole Titus McgovernBerksNursing
Morgan McLucasLancasterRN to BSN
Brittany N. McSwineYorkNursing
Rachel Elizabeth MellingerLancasterBSN
Grace Olivia MetzgerAdamsBSN
Nguyen Thi Thao MetzlerLancasterBSN
Tenaya Laurenne MetzlerLancasterNursing
Alora MillerYorkNursing
Amanda MillerLancasterHealthcare Administration
Morgan MillerLancasterRespiratory Care
Rebecca Lynn MillerYorkNursing
Taryn Nicole MillerDauphinNursing
Baraka K. MilondeLancasterNursing
Arthur MinahanChesterCardiovascular Invasive Specialty
Colleen Elizabeth MirielloAdamsBSN
Alexandra MitchellYorkNursing
Alexandra MitchellYorkNursing
Gabrielle MolesiCarrollNursing
Elizabeth Belle MooreClearfieldNuclear Medicine Technology
Sarah MooreLancasterRN to BSN
Sherry Ann MooreLebanonBSN
Taylor Renee MoorePerryNursing
Erin Bernice MoweryDauphinNursing
Madeline Theresa MoyerLancasterNuclear Medicine Technology
Alyssa MunnsYorkNursing
Mckenna A. MunozYorkBSN
Brad MurphyLancasterNursing
Justin MurphyYorkBSN
Caleb Dean MusserLancasterSurgical Technology
Jaden MyersLancasterBSN
Nicole E.. MyersLancasterHealthcare Administration
Amarilys Nadal ArnoldLebanonRN to BSN
Carley Jane NashLancasterNursing
Crystal Marie NeildCumberlandNursing
Katie NeissLancasterBSN
Shelby NguyenLancasterBSN
Jennifer A. NievesDauphinBSN
Katlyn NixYorkBSN
Griny NouelYorkBSN
Morgan Ashley NuseLancasterNursing
Sable NyeLancasterBSN
Sarah NyingiDauphinNursing
Miranda Lee O'BrienYorkNursing
Miranda Lee O'BrienYorkNursing
Delaney OconnorYorkBSN
Andrew Michael OgilvieLancasterNursing
Hannah Louise OgilvieLancasterRN to BSN
Hannah Louise OgilvieLancasterRN to BSN
Helen Esohe OnyeuloYorkNursing
Ashley OrlandoLancasterNursing
Rachel OsmanLancasterNursing
Kathryne Sara PareChesterRN to BSN
Maeghan Taye ParmerCumberlandBSN
Gabrielle Leigh PattersonLancasterNursing
Jennifer M. PattersonLancasterRN to BSN
Hope PeppernickChesterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Debora Rebeca PerezLancasterBSN
Joarlyn M. PerezLancasterHealthcare Administration
Ashley PetersLancasterBSN
Taylor PompiliLancasterNursing
Samantha Morgan ProcterLancasterRN to BSN
Samantha PrzyborowskiChesterHealth Sciences
Jessica Marie RadabaughLancasterNursing
Brooke RathmanLancasterNursing
Michael RaushLancasterBSN
Claudia RawaNorthumberlandBSN
Belkys Antonia ReedDauphinBSN
Grady K. ReickerLancasterHealth Sciences
Shannon L. ReiffLancasterBSN
Lexie Rae ReinholdLancasterBSN
Jasmynne Hart RennixLancasterBSN
Kiara Marie Reyes MelendezLancasterRN to BSN
Naomi E. RichardsChesterBSN
Amanda RichardsonBerksNursing
Katie RiddleLancasterBSN
Rebecca RidzyPhiladelphiaHealth Sciences
Rebecca RidzyPhiladelphiaHealth Sciences
Kristi RineerLancasterRadiography
Corinne RitterChesterNursing
Secilia Elizabeth RiveraSuffolkBSN
Daryl Dontieuz RobertsLancasterBSN
Holly Jo RodriguezLebanonNursing
Ivelisse RodriguezLancasterNursing
Nitza L. RodriguezLancasterNursing
Kayla Mariah RohrbachLancasterRN to BSN
Kylie Jadyn RohrbaughYorkNursing
Kate Elizabeth RohrerLancasterRN to BSN
Lydia RohrerLancasterNursing
Kelsey A. RolandCecilDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Abigail RombergerLebanonBSN
Kyra Marie RoofLancasterNursing
Michaela Anne RosenbergChesterRN to BSN
Juliana RotelleLancasterNursing
Juliana RotelleLancasterNursing
Sabrina Marie RovenoltLancasterRadiography
Joshua SaezLancasterHealth Sciences
Christian Michael SamoyednyChesterNursing
Hanen SassiDauphinNursing
John ScheitrumLancasterHealth Sciences
Christopher ScheuermannPhiladelphiaHealth Sciences
Danielle Marie SchmidtYorkNursing
Rebecca A. SchumacherLancasterNursing
Taylor Renae SeeleyLancasterRadiography
Neysa SemanchickLancasterVascular Sonography
Neysa SemanchickLancasterVascular Sonography
Ruth Diana Severino LopezLancasterNursing
Esther ShaferFrederickNursing
Abigail ShafferPerryNursing
Braedyn Nicole SheafferLancasterRadiography
Brynne SheltonYorkNursing
Madison Claire ShondelmyerLancasterBSN
Jana SiegristLancasterNursing
Christine SikoLancasterNursing
Riley Anne SimmonsLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Sophia Anna SinyaginLancasterNursing
Jena SkodaLancasterBSN
Daniel Stephen SkrolyYorkNursing
Erin Rose SlatteryLancasterBSN
Kylene Lizzietta SmeltzBerksNursing
Jordyn Lee SmeltzerYorkHealthcare Administration
Aubrey SmithLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Brianna SmithLebanonBSN
Claudia Nichole SmithLancasterRadiography
Maritza SmithYorkNursing
Sarah A. SmithAdamsNursing
Ana Irena SnyderYorkBSN
Karli Marie SnyderSchuylkillBSN
Kristin Suzette SpilkerLancasterNursing
Alexis StaufferLancasterBSN
Cheyenne Nicole StenclikYorkBSN
Barbara Ann StephensSchuylkillNursing
Logan J. StevensonLancasterNuclear Medicine Technology
Joel StewartLebanonNursing
Hannah Jane StifflerYorkBSN
Hali Sara StoecklLancasterBSN
Heidi StoltzfusLancasterNursing
Dara Nakira StoneDelawareNursing
Erin StonerDauphinRN to BSN
Phul Maya SunuwarDauphinNursing
Sharon SwartzentruberSchuylkillNursing
Kaitlyn SweigartLebanonNursing
Stephanie Nichole SweigartLancasterRN to BSN
Kendra TalbertNorthamptonBSN
Meggan Lynn TekelyLancasterHealthcare Administration
Alena Colleen TestermanChesterNursing
Austin C. ThomasLancasterBSN
Rachel TroutChesterRN to BSN
Catie Ann TroutmanLancasterHealthcare Administration
Tanner TruittCumberlandRN to BSN
Joanna TsoMiddlesexNursing
Amanda ValladaresFrederickNursing
Jennifer VanVleetLebanonNursing
Aristotelis VaziriLancasterBSN
Lisa Micaela VizziLancasterHealthcare Administration
Nicole VongBaltimoreNuclear Medicine Technology
Kelsie WalbornLancasterNursing
Lindsey WalbornLancasterNursing
Devin Scott WallaceLancasterRN to BSN
Melanie A. WaltemyerYorkHealth Sciences
Lauryn WaltonLancasterRN to BSN
Ashley WamboldDauphinNursing
Laura Anne WamplerLebanonNursing
Nancy WangNorthamptonMedical Laboratory Science
Yue WangLancasterNursing
Chloe C. WarnerYorkBSN
Elizabeth Alexandra WarnerLancasterNursing
Symira Renay WatersDauphinBSN
Melissa S Wealand-SharpBerksRN to BSN
Elizabeth Rhoda WeaverLancasterRespiratory Care
Bethany L. WeberLancasterSurgical Technology
Candice WebsterLancasterRN to BSN
Jenna Marie WeinmanLancasterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Ezra Keith WengerLancasterSurgical Technology
Amy WhitefordLancasterRN to BSN
Destinee White-fosterLebanonBSN
Amanda Nichole WilsonLancasterNursing
Taylor Paedyn WintersLebanonVascular Sonography
Kaela Marie WitmerLancasterRN to BSN
Brianna Nicole WoodsYorkBSN
Aaron YealyYorkNursing
Rhonda YoderLancasterHealthcare Administration
Rhonda YoderLancasterHealth Informatics
Elsie Alina ZaborskiyLancasterNursing
Jenna R. ZahmLancasterRN to BSN
Stephenie Gail ZdrojewskiChesterBSN
Cassandra Ranae ZeigerLancasterRN to BSN
Maggie Alexandra ZimmermanYorkNursing
Taylor Renee ZimmermanLancasterRadiography
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