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Planned Gifts

Change the lives of future generations by including PA College in your estate planning.


One of the easiest ways you can make a gift to PA College is to incorporate a bequest to the college into your estate planning.

Bequest donors name Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences as a beneficiary in their will, citing a specific dollar amount or a percentage share of their estate, or naming PA College as the residual beneficiary of their estate after payment of bequests to others.

Giving by bequest costs you nothing now, yet it may give you tremendous satisfaction to know that your future gift will live on.

We appreciate knowing about your intent to support PA College through your estate so we can work with you to designate your future gift to an area that reflects your particular interests. Notifying us that you have made a provision for PA College in your estate plans qualifies you for membership in the Lancaster General Health Foundation’s 1893 Society, a visionary group of donors whose deferred gifts will ensure a lasting legacy that will endure for future generations.

If you have included PA College in your estate plans, please complete this bequest form and forward it to us so we can express our gratitude and include you in special events and communications.

We would be happy to talk with you or your advisor about bequests and other estate planning tools that would enable you to support the mission of PA College in the manner most appropriate for you. For more information, please contact Ellen Wylie at (717) 947-6089.