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Refunds Due to Overpayment

If you overpay the amount due on your student account or have more financial aid apply than you have charges, you are due a refund. If your account is showing a negative balance, you are currently due a refund from the College, but the refund has not been processed yet. If your balance is displayed as $0.00 and an amount is showing in the Refunds field, your refund has been processed. In refunds you can review whether your refund is being sent to you as a paper check in the mail or using direct deposit, if you have signed up for direct deposit in Self-Service.

If your balance shows an amount due, you will want to review your payment options to cover your remaining balance or contact Student Financial Services for assistance.

Direct deposit is the fastest way to receive any refunds from your account. Signing up for direct deposit allows you to have access to your funds in as little as 72 business hours after the refund has been processed. Waiting for a paper check in the mail can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. In order to sign up for direct deposit you must have access to your routing number and bank account number. These can both be found at the bottom of any checks for your account.

Check example:

Check example

To sign up, you will want to access the Self-Service menu and choose Direct Deposit Information. Once you have accessed the menu, you can simply select the option to “Add an Account” and follow the steps to set up your direct deposit.

Signing up for direct deposit only affects any refunds being sent to you. If you are signed up for a payment plan through the College, there is no automatic withdrawal. You must initiate any payment to the College.

If you do not elect to receive your refund via direct deposit, it will be mailed to the home address on file for you.  Please note that financial aid refund checks cannot be picked up at the campus.  Refunds can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.

You should confirm or update your mailing address periodically to ensure your refund is sent to the correct address.  If you do not receive your check due to an incorrect address, fees may be assessed to stop payment and reissue the check to your correct address.

To update your mailing address, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Self-Service
  2. Choose your username in the top right corner
  3. Select User Profile
  4. Click “Add New Address” and follow prompts

Refunds Due to Dropped Courses

If you need to drop a course after it has started but before it is finished, you may be issued a partial refund for the course depending on your drop date.  Refunds are based on the date of either official withdrawal from the College or the date the course was dropped. Refund schedules differ for full semester (15 week courses) and modular courses (5-12 week courses). If your course does not start and end on the dates for any modules or the full semesters, the refund periods may differ from what is listed in the Academic Calendar.

It is important to note that withdrawing from courses can affect a student’s Federal Student Aid. In some cases, Federal Student Aid will need to be returned creating a balance on a student’s account. If this occurs, students will be sent detailed information after their withdrawal explaining the amount of aid returned and any balances as a result. All students should review the full Tuition Refund policy prior to dropping any courses or withdrawing from the College.