PA College sim lab

Simulation Learning

Get up close and personal with authentic medical scenarios that stretch your skills, test your limits and grow your confidence.

Our Sim Center is the first and only learning space of its kind in the region. It was one of 10 facilities across the nation chosen by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for a landmark simulation study.

Specialized equipment such as anesthesia machines and gas columns adds authenticity. Digital recording equipment makes it easy to review every simulation, and build your skills.

PA College Students learning in the Simulation Lab


square feet of dedicated simulation learning space

PA College conference rooms


conference rooms for observation and debriefing

Surgical simulation

24 rooms

including an intensive care unit

How Each Simulation Works

You’ll be able to practice a variety of scenarios, and solve different challenges with different teams.

PA College simulation mannequin


We work with experienced faculty and subject-matter experts to ensure each simulation meets learning goals and reflects on-the-job realities. Some learners participate, while others observe from a debriefing room.

Nursing Program


Learners interact with high-fidelity simulation manikins and patient actors. They can measure the manikin’s vital signs, from respiration to pulse and blood pressure, give an injection and even start an IV. Our manikins talk, sweat, bleed, cry, blink and more.

PA College teacher and students in the Sim Lab


Technicians work behind the scenes, providing the manikins’ voices and manipulating vital signs in response to learners’ actions.

PA College nursing teacher teaching students


At the end of the simulation, learners and leaders debrief on what went well, what could be improved, and what could be done differently.

PA College simulation lab


Learners often go through the scenario a second time to test what they learned during the debrief.