Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Gain experience, supplement your income and enrich the lives of students.

Adjunct Appointments

Adjunct faculty fill an essential role at the College, providing unique expertise on a semester-by-semester basis. This flexible arrangement allows you to serve as an instructor when it fits your life, often while maintaining a full-time job outside of your teaching role.

Many adjuncts, especially in nursing, serve as instructors on the clinical floor. Others may teach a course one a semester in a specialty area – for example, pediatric nursing or mammography. Adjuncts also fill roles in our general education curriculum, teaching anything from physics to marketing, and they’re provided with existing course material so there’s no need to develop your own curriculum.

Due to the flexible nature of adjunct positions, adjunct faculty are not eligible for benefits through Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. Additionally, because PA College employees are considered LG Health employees, any LG Health employee already working a 1.0 FTE is not eligible to serve in an adjunct faculty role.

Adjunct Support

Because of the unique role adjuncts fill, PA College individualizes our adjunct support and onboarding. We provide our adjuncts with existing course materials and offer the training and guidance you need to make that material, and your class, a success. In addition to a library of videos produced by the PA College Center for Teaching and Learning, our instructional designers work with adjuncts to provide personalized training. We also pair new adjuncts with experienced instructors in your area of focus.

Adjunct Compensation

Adjuncts are paid in installments throughout the duration of their teaching contract. Typically, adjuncts are paid in three installments, with one-third of the total compensation paid out every five weeks during a 15-week semester. However, payment terms may differ based on period of time you’re teaching. Adjunct faculty are paid at rates established each year with the approval of the Board of Trustees as part of the budget approval process.