Vivian Tran MLS(ASCP)

Faculty/Clinical Coordinator


I completed a dual program for B.S. in Biology at Millersville University and a MLS certification at PA College of Health Sciences in 2016. I have been working in the Penn Medicine LGH Laboratory for the past 5 years in areas of Microbiology, Coagulation, and Immunohematology. I am involved in serving, coordinating events, and establishing learning environments within my local church. I am passionate about the Medical Laboratory Science field and talking about it with others. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction that I hope to complete in 2024. Outside of work, I do enjoy baking, reading, longboarding, and children's book illustrations.



Professional Memberships



As an effective teacher, you must not only know that which you would teach—that is, your content—but you must also know those whom you wish to teach. Dr. Howard Hendricks

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