Thola A.Bennecoff Wolanski, MSN, RN

Undergraduate Nursing Faculty


My career pathway has been a continuous journey of following my curiosity and exploring opportunities. I started out in medical research as a biochemist at Johns Hopkins in 1985 and found myself on the cutting edge of the HIV/AIDS epidemic with an opportunity to work on first AIDS vaccine trial in 1988. It was working on this project, I felt the need to do more. I wanted to advocate and care for those who were marginalized, who needed help now, not just years from now. Nursing provided this pathway for me. Throughout my journey in nursing, I have been able to learn every day and use my skills to better the care I provided for my patients. Now, as an educator, I continue on this path by sharing these values as I teach my students. I cannot think of a better way to impart this passion for advocacy and caring to future generations of patients who are in need. My areas of expertise have grown and changed over the years, but the passion remains. I believe strongly in teaching my students to think rather than regurgitate information; to treat each client holistically and evaluate individual needs, and most importantly, to care.




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Education is not the learning of facts, but training of the mind to think. - Albert Einstein

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