Brooke Crowley RN, BSN

Adjunct Instructor


When I was a nursing student, I remember experiencing a significant amount of self-doubt. My time seemingly consumed by long clinical hours, difficult exams, and course deadlines, I questioned if the benefits of earning my RN would truly outweigh the obligations of this career and the rigorous education it necessitated. However skeptical I may have been, I began to catch glimpses of a promising and fulfilling career. graduated, pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) RN where I received the long-awaited validation I needed to excel in this specialty and reignite my passion for healthcare.

I now have 4+ years and counting of experience as a PICU RN. In the late summer of 2021, I transitioned to a slightly different role as a PICU travel nurse. I am currently am working a contract in the Philadelphia area. In just over two years, I have been privileged to travel from coast to coast - from my home base in rural central PA at Geisinger Medical Center, all the way to Lucile Packard at Stanford in the San Fransisco Bay Area of CA - to provide quality care to critically ill children.

I am eager to share the knowledge I have gained through my experience with the nurses of tomorrow, and I intend to do so with patience and understanding - just as the many skillful healthcare professionals have done for me. I’m doing this, my hope for each nursing student is to gain not only a fundamental understanding of key concepts, but more importantly, to build the confidence and passion for healthcare that I longed for in nursing school.




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“Education is the one thing in this world that no one can ever take away from you.”

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