Amy Williams, MNE, RN-BC

Faculty Instructor


Equipped with a solid foundational education and a natural drive to illuminate the darkness, I am committed to aid in the formulation of trauma-informed, hard-working, curious, life-long learners that will be the future of nursing. In order to accomplish this goal, I am dedicated to implementing active-learning strategies that instill in the learners a hunger to use clinical judgment to solve the puzzles they face in healthcare and beyond. I believe this future of nursing is diverse and inclusive and, as such, teaching must be as well! Each individual learner brings a beautiful tapestry of their culture, experience, and personal drive for their future. As a facilitator of their learning, it is my responsibility to create a safe learning environment that capitalizes on the individuality of each learner in order to help them achieve their personal learning goals, while simultaneously equipping them with the necessary skills to take on the ever changing world of healthcare with tenacity and humility.

My clinical background is primarily in mental health nursing, although I began my career in the heart and vascular intensive care unit. My deepest passions are pediatric mental health nursing, education, and my silver lab named Bee!




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