Open Studies

Open Studies

Become a PA College student for a semester and earn college-level credit through our open studies option.

Our open studies option is perfect for students and health care professionals who want to:

  • Try PA College before they commit to a degree
  • Complete continuing education units (CEUs)
  • Fulfill class requirements while waiting for acceptance at PA College

What classes are available?

You can take any available general education courses offered at PA College, regardless of your previous academic achievement. Please note that classes are designed for students who meet our admission requirements. Some courses have pre-requisites, indicated by an asterisk (*).

  • BIO 105 Human Biology/Lab
  • BIO 175 Anatomy & Physiology 1/Lab
  • BIO 176 Anatomy & Physiology 2/Lab*
  • BIO 185 Microbiology/Lab
  • BIO 230 Immunology*
  • BIO 250 Nutrition for Life
  • BIO 376 Pathophysiology*
  • BIO 380 Epidemiology*
  • CHE 100 General Chemistry/Lab*
  • ECO 150 Survey of Economics
  • ECO 310 American Health Care System*
  • ECO 350 The Economics of Health Care*
  • ENG 100 English Composition
  • ENG 202 Advanced Communication
  • ENG 300 Advanced Composition for Health Care*
  • ENG 310 Business Communication*
  • ENG 350 Healthcare Stories*
  • HSC 100 Medical Terminology
  • HSC 150 Phlebotomy
  • HSC 151 Phlebotomy Clinical*
  • HLT 150 Wellness for Life
  • HUM 210 World Religions
  • HUM 310 Death, Dying and Bereavement*
  • MAT 140 Introduction to Statistical Thinking
  • MAT 150 Clinical Mathematics for the Health Sciences
  • MAT 160 College Algebra
  • MAT 260 Statistics*
  • PHI 330 Ethical Issues in Health Care*
  • PHY 150 Physics/Lab*
  • PSY 100 General Psychology
  • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 200 Cultural Diversity
  • SOC 300 Social Problems*
  • SPA 150Introduction to Medical Spanish

*Pre-requisites may apply.

Current health care providers may also be eligible to enroll in the following courses:

Current health care providers with a baccalaureate degree may be eligible to enroll in the following courses:

  • IPC 501 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Society*
  • IPC 502 Innovation and Technology*
  • IPC 512 Health Care Policy and Finance*
  • IPC 601 Leadership in Healthcare*

*Pre-requisites may apply.

How do I enroll in open studies?

If you’re a returning PA College student or Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health employee, contact the Office of Admissions for an application.

If you’re new to PA College, complete an application to the Open Studies program. Check your email for access information, advising tips and updates from the Center for Learner Success. Then, register for your preferred class.

How can I pay for open studies?

PA College has several payment plan options. Many employers also offer tuition reimbursement for successful completion of college courses. Unfortunately, federal financial aid doesn’t cover the costs of open studies. Aid is reserved for students who have been accepted to a degree program at PA College.

Once you’ve attended open studies, put your credits toward a degree at PA College. Call the Office of Admissions at (800) 622-5443 for a free application.