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Sexual Misconduct

File a Title IX claim for discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities.


PA College encourages all members of the community to Carry the Torch when it comes to Sexual Misconduct through awareness, education, and action. Please take time to review this website, as well as the Sexual Misconduct policy found here.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Students or staff who wish to report sexual misconduct with the Title IX Coordinator may utilize the form below. Alternatively, the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators may be contact via phone, email, or in person, if preferred.

Title IX Coordinator
Joseph Peltzer, JD
Compliance Officer
850 Greenfield Road, 2nd floor Stoudt Building
jmpeltzer@PAcollege.edu OR
TitleIX@PAcollege.edu, 717-947-6339

Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Kristina Lucia
Director, Human Resources
850 Greenfield Road, 2nd floor Stoudt Building
knlucia@PAcollege.edu, 717-947-6163

Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Matthew Swatchick
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
850 Greenfield Road, 2nd floor Stoudt Building
ms126@PAcollege.edu, 717-947-6188


Before completing this form, please review the Sexual Misconduct Policy for information regarding reporting options, processes, and definitions.

Individuals who wish to make a confidential report of sexual misconduct with PA College SHOULD NOT use this form. Instead, please contact the Designated Confidential Resource of the College:

Theresa Freeman, RN
College Nurse, Health & Wellness Services
tefreeman@PAcollege.edu, 717-947-6189

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