Student Conduct Appeal Form

Student Conduct Appeal Form

Appeal a Code of Conduct violation for alleged misconduct of a non-academic nature as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Policy.

This appeal request may be used by either or both, the Respondent or the Reporter. All appeals must be submitted within 3 (three) business days of notification of the final decision. The of Associate Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management or designee will arrange the Student Conduct Board to review the appeal and examine the incident under review. Such meetings or written submission of appeal should occur within the following 10 business days, unless extended by the Dean of Students or designee.

The Student Conduct Board will then make a decision on the appeal and notify the parties of the outcome in writing (referred to as a “final decision”).

Upon receiving sanctions, the Respondent and the Reporter will have the opportunity to appeal a final decision on any of the following basis. Check all that apply using the form below:

  1. Availability of new information discovered after the investigation that could not have reasonably been available at the time of the investigation and is of a nature that could materially change the outcome;
  2. A procedural error within the investigation or resolution process that may have substantially affected the fairness of the process;
  3. An outcome (findings or sanctions) that was manifestly contrary to the weight of the information presented (i.e., obviously unreasonable and unsupported by the great weight of information).

These are the only basis for appeals. Appeals are not a means for rehearing the adjudication of a violation under this Policy.

Complete the information below to be considered for an appeal. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Code of Conduct Violation Form

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