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Tuition & Fees

PA College’s tuition structure includes both per credit tuition and program-specific tuition.*

Per credit tuition is charged for all classes; program-specific tuition is only charged when the student is enrolled in courses specific to their program of study. See the tables below for details on each program.

Per Credit Tuition Rates

 2021-2022 Academic Year 2022-2023 Academic Year
Undergraduate Course (100-400-level) Per Credit Tuition Rate $628 Per Credit $645 Per Credit
Master’s Course (500-700-level) Per Credit Tuition Rate $896 Per Credit $915 Per Credit
Doctoral Course (800+ level) Per Credit Tuition Rate $1,030 Per Credit $1,050 Per Credit

Program-Specific Tuition

Program-specific tuition covers the costs of running clinical programs with limited enrollment, based on factors like student-to-faculty ratios mandated by accreditors and limited clinical seats. It also covers the costs of program-specific resources, such as simulation supplies, equipment maintenance, specialized software, etc.

Program-specific tuition is charged once a semester for specific courses throughout a student’s program of study. The courses that carry a program-specific tuition charge are outlined below for each program.

Program-specific tuition is in addition to per credit tuition. There is no program-specific tuition for non-clinical programs.

Program 2021-2022 Program-Specific Tuition Per Applicable Course 2022-2023 Program-Specific Tuition Per Applicable Course Applicable Courses
Three-Year BSN $2,678 $2,770NUR 170
NUR 270
NUR 275
NUR 295
NUR 355
NUR 405
Four-Year BSN $2,678 $2,770NUR 170
NUR 270
NUR 275
NUR 295
NUR 355
NUR 405
Cardiac SonographyN/A$5,465TBD
Cardiovascular Technology $4,017 $4,100CVT 215
CVT 230
Diagnostic Medical Sonography $5,356 $5,465DMS 224
DMS 228
Medical Assistant$834


MAP 100
MAP 105
MAP 110
MAP 120
MAP 125
MAP 130
MAP 150
MAP 160
MAP 170
MAP 180
MAP 190*
*The final course of the program, MAP 190, has a different program-specific tuition amount than the other courses in the curriculum.
Medical Laboratory Science $2,678 $2,735MLS 451
MLS 452
Nuclear Medicine Technology $4,017 $4,100NMT 211
NMT 212
Nurse Practitioner $2,000 $2,060Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Track:
NUR 741, NUR 743, NUR 745

Family/Individual Across the Lifespan Track:
NUR 721, NUR 723, NUR 725

Psychiatric/Mental Health Track:
NUR 731, NUR 733, NUR 735
Nursing Associate Degree - 5 Semester Program N/A$1,600NUR 110
NUR 120
NUR 130
NUR 140
NUR 210
NUR 220
NUR 230
NUR 240
NUR 250
NUR 265
NUR 290
Nursing Associate Degree – Two-Year Program $4,017 $4,150NUR 111
NUR 112
NUR 211
NUR 212
Nursing Associate Degree – Three-Year Program $2,678 $2,770NUR 111
NUR 112
NUR 213
NUR 214
NUR 215
NUR 216
Paramedic $2,300 $2,400EMS 201
EMS 202
EMS 203
Radiography $2,678 $2,735RAD 104
RAD 122
RAD 208
RAD 210
Respiratory Care $2,678 $2,735RCP 120
RCP 240
RCP 260
Surgical Technology $3,296 $3,365SUR 102
SUR 202
SUR 211
Vascular Sonography $5,356 $5,465VAS 224
VAS 228

Unlike many other institutions, PA College has no across-the-board fees. Other institutions charge for room and board, meal plans, activity fees, parking pass fees and so on, on top of tuition. These fees often aren’t eligible for employer tuition reimbursement, potentially leading to surprise expenses when bill time comes.

At PA College, our only tuition-related fees are for general education lab courses, or the LPN assessment module. If you don’t take any of the courses listed below, you will not have any tuition-related fees. We do not charge any across-the-board fees.

Tuition-Related Fees

Category 2021-2022 Fee Per Applicable Course 2022-2023 Fee Per Applicable Course Applicable Courses
General Education Science Lab Fee $268 $275 BIO 105
BIO 175
BIO 176
BIO 185
CHE 100
PHY 150
LPN Assessment Module Fee $2,307 $970TBD

Miscellaneous Charges and Deposits

Application Fee $35
Enrollment Deposit $250 applied to first semester tuition
Enrollment Deposit for Paramedic and Professional Certificate programs $100 applied to first semester tuition
Late Fee 2% of term balance above $250
Course Audit Fee 50% tuition for the course
Official Transcript Requests $5 per copy
Challenge Assessment Fee $150 per credit
Payment Plan Set-Up Fee $25 per semester
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $50
Closed, Retired or Invalid Bank Account Fee $25
Stop Check Payment Fee $25

All miscellaneous charges and deposits are nonrefundable.

To calculate the tuition and fees for a semester of study, first calculate how many credits you will take. Multiply that figure by the appropriate per credit tuition rate. If you are in a clinical program and are taking any courses specific to your major (not just general education courses), add the program-specific tuition. If you are taking a general education lab course, add the lab fee.

Here’s an example of how to calculate your tuition and fees – in this case, for a semester of the Surgical Technology program. Modify this example for your program and semester.

Sample Surgical Technology Semester

Courses  Credits
BIO 185 Microbiology 3
HSC 101 Methods of Patient Care 1
SUR 200 Surgical Procedures and Pathophysiology I 4
SUR 202 Surgical Services Clinical I 3
Total Credits 11

Based on the semester above, here’s how to calculate tuition and fees for this semester. Modify these calculations as necessary for your program and semester.

Total Credits11
Times the Undergraduate Per Credit Tuition Rate x $628
Plus Surgical Technology Program-Specific Tuition+ $3,296
Equals Total Tuition $10,204
Plus the General Education Lab Fee for Microbiology + $268
Equals Total Tuition and Fees $10,472

This does not include taxes, fees, books, uniforms or other indirect expenses. See below for estimates of these additional indirect costs.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are the costs of other educational expenses students typically incur while attending school that are not billed by PA College. The following table outlines estimated indirect costs; these costs will vary significantly from student to student and should be factored into your budget for covering college costs.

Room & Board $5,150 per semester
Books & Supplies $1,300 per semester
Miscellaneous $2,450

*The tuition rate is determined by the administration of the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. Rates for the upcoming academic year are not finalized until approved by the Board of Trustees in April. Periodically, an in-depth analysis is performed to reevaluate the fee structure.

Students may preregister for courses following their acceptance into a given program and prior to paying their tuition. Failure to show for a class will not dismiss student financial obligations. Registered students must officially withdraw by completing the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form or by contacting their academic advisor at

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