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Disability Services

Health & Wellness provides services that create full access and provide appropriate accommodation for all students with disabilities.

Accommodations Services

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences is committed to providing equal and fair access to education for students with disabilities in addition to the federal the obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended.

Get Help with Disability Services

Contact: Health & Wellness Services at hwservices@pacollege.edu.

Location: Health & Wellness Center, 2nd floor Cooper Building

Policy: POLICY 10.2.3 – Section 504 and ADA Compliance

After acceptance to PA College, you will have access to the PA College Portal where more detailed information is available on the Health & Wellness Portal page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for initiating the accommodations process?

The student is responsible for contacting the College Nurse and providing the required documentation.

What kinds of accommodations can be provided?

Reasonable accommodations are unique to each student. Examples could include extended time for testing and testing in a distraction-free area.

I think I might qualify for disability services, but I’m not sure. What should I do?

Contact the College Nurse as soon as possible and submit a copy of your IEP and/or professional evaluation. Proper documentation must be submitted and a Release of Information must be signed by the student prior to approval of accommodations.

What are the requirements for appropriate documentation?

Proper documentation must be submitted on official letterhead and signed by the appropriate health care provider.

Documentation should be current. For example, within three years for a learning disability, or 12 months for a physical or psychological disability.
The provider should describe the diagnosis, whether it is stable or progressive, any anticipated side effects from medications, and recommendations for reasonable accommodations.

Documentation should include any testing or evaluations that were completed.

Who has access to my documentation once I submit it?

Documentation is securely maintained in the Health & Wellness Center with access only by the college nurse and the AVP of Student Affairs. If requested, general information about the student’s accommodations may be discussed on a limited basis with faculty, instructors or academic support service staff in order to clarify information included in the authorized accommodation.

Who is responsible for the accommodation process once approved and moving forward?

It is the student’s responsibility to distribute their approved accommodations to appropriate faculty each semester.