Rights & Responsibilities

As a financial aid applicant, you have a right to:

  • confidentiality under FERPA regulations
  • access to your financial aid records and all application forms
  • your annual Cost of Attendance
  • financial aid eligibility requirements and application procedures
  • written notification of your financial aid eligibility provided through your financial aid award letter

As a financial aid recipient, you have a right to:

  • terms and conditions of all award offers made by PA College which is linked in your award letter
  • information regarding the Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals process
  • access to information and counseling regarding career prospects

If you are awarded a loan, you have a right to:

  • know what fees (including interest rates) are associated with Federal Direct Loans as well as your outstanding balance and repayment options
  • a grace period before repayment begins in accordance to your Loan Agreement
  • a copy of the terms of your promissory note from the Department of Education
  • notification if your loan servicer transfers your loan to a different servicer
  • pay your loan in full prior to its maturity date without prepayment penalties
  • deferment and forbearance of repayment options from Federal Direct Loans should you qualify

As a financial aid applicant you have a responsibility to:

  • be cognizant of all eligibility requirements and application procedures
  • maintain your correct legal name, current physical address, and Social Security number
  • provide accurate information on your applications for financial aid
  • review the accuracy of information on your Student Aid Report (SAR) including the comments added by Department of Education
  • comply with all posted federal, state, and institutional financial aid deadlines
  • keep copies of all financial aid information and application forms as any information sent to Student Financial Services become the property of the office and is not returned the student or family
  • keep copies of all financial aid award letters, promissory notes and disclosure statements
  • make satisfactory payment arrangements with Student Financial Services if your financial aid will be delayed
  • conduct research on your future earning potential and borrow responsibly

As a financial aid recipient, you have a responsibility to:

  • comply with the terms and conditions of all awards you receive
  • notify Student Financial Services of any enrollment status changes that impact your financial aid
  • notify Student Financial Services  if you receive scholarships, tuition discounts, employer tuition assistance, grants, or other benefits other than those awarded by PA College
  • only use your financial aid funds to pay educationally related costs

If you are awarded a loan, you have a responsibility to:

  • complete the mandatory requirements the first time you borrow a Federal Direct Loan at PA College (Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement)
  • notify Federal Direct Loans of any status changes such as graduation, withdrawing from school, dropping below half time status, transferring to another school, do not enroll in school, or change of name or address
  • repay your loan according to the loan repayment schedule whether or not you completed your degree or found employment
  • notify your servicer of anything that affects your eligibility for a deferment or your ability to repay your loan
  • complete Exit Counseling if and when you drop below half time, graduate, or plan to withdraw or transfer to another institution