Understanding Your Bill

When viewing your student account in Self-Service, your bill will be broken into several categories. The various categories are listed below along with some information about what you can expect to see within each.

Tuition and Technology

Shows cost for each course by credit hour.

Tuition and Technology – Shows cost for each course by credit hour.

This section will update if you drop a course during the refund period.

Program Tuition

Program tuition is based on your program of study. This cost is assessed only when a student is taking a clinical course in their program. Program tuition rates can be reviewed here.

Student Fees

Typically displays lab fees which are charged when a student is taking a course and an associated lab (ex. Anatomy and Physiology lab- BIO 175L)

Bookstore Charges

If you choose to use the Book Voucher option, the cost of your textbooks (up to $1,000) will be added to your tuition bill for the semester.


Any online payments, checks, or money orders paid by you for your account will show in this section.

Financial Aid

Includes all Federal and State grants and/or loans. Any military benefits or scholarships paid directly to the College will also display in this section. If is important to note that any amounts listed in Anticipated have not yet been disbursed to your account.

Payment Plan

You can review your payment plan schedule and payment amounts in this section. This section will only appear if you have requested and been approved for a payment plan. Any late fees assessed and any payments made to your plan will also show in this section.


This section will show if you submitted an enrollment deposit when you were enrolling at the College. Your enrollment deposit is typically applied to your first term of enrollment.


Not many common billing items show in the Miscellaneous field. One item that does display here would be a Late Fee (labeled Finance Charge) if your balance is not paid by the tuition due date. More detailed information on Late Fees is available here.


This section will appear if you have had a refund processed or a refund that is being processed for that term. Here you can review the amount and payment method for your refund.