Surgical technicians

Health Sciences Certificate Programs

Grow your medical skills, improve patient outcomes and build your competitive edge with a certificate from PA College.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Certificate

Your heart is in health care. Now prepare for a career of caring for and treating the rhythms of the heart with a certificate in cardiac electrophysiology.

Cardiovascular Invasive Specialty Certificate

As a cardiac invasive specialist, you’ll work closely with the health care team to identify cardiac problems and keep patients’ hearts pumping.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate

Use the latest ultrasound and sonogram technology to create images and help diagnose issues of the brain, abdomen, peripheral blood vessels and more.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certificate

Saving lives is no small job. Our EMT program teaches the technical skills you need for emergency medical services, and prepares you to handle any challenge.

Foundation for Health Informatics Certificate

Work at the intersection of health care and technology with a professional certificate in health informatics.

Healthcare Administration Certificate

Get ready to plan and direct health care services across an entire organization with a Healthcare Administration Certificate from PA College.

Medical Laboratory Science Certificate

Play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. It starts with the Medical Laboratory Science program from PA College.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Certificate

Get ready for an exciting career at the intersection of imaging, chemistry, technology and patient care.

Paramedic Certificate

Get ready to save lives, help others and lead a team of medical professionals in providing quality care when it matters most.

Surgical Technology Certificate

Work in an intense environment as a vital part of a lifesaving surgical team. Surgical technologists assist members of the health care team before, during and after surgical procedures.