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Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Combine your love of health care with expertise in business and management. Our degree in Healthcare Administration prepares you to manage a team of professionals and lead a variety of facilities.


Prepare for a career as a leader in the health care workplace with a degree in healthcare administration. This program blends traditional with accelerated courses, with online options that fit your busy lifestyle. Small class sizes increase your opportunity to network and receive personal guidance from our expert faculty.

As part of your mandatory internship in healthcare administration, you’ll work alongside practicing health care leaders to perform management tasks and projects. Many students find that this hands-on experience opens new job opportunities upon graduation. After completing the program, you’ll be prepared to work in an entry-level management or professional position. You’ll also be able to pursue graduate studies in business, healthcare administration or public health.


Applicants must have completed work equal to a standard high school course with a minimum of 16 units, including:

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of social studies
  • 3 units of mathematics (2 of which are algebra)
  • 2 units of science with a related laboratory or an equivalent (1 of which must be biology).

Post-secondary college-level equivalents will be considered to fulfill the high school requirements.

Applicants must also demonstrate satisfactory achievement on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) administered by the College Entrance Examination Board or the American College Testing Assessment (ACT) administered by the American College Testing Program. These exams are not required if more than two years have elapsed since either graduation or earning of the GED.

Preferred applicants will have:

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0/4.0 or greater in secondary education
  • SAT combined reading and math score of 1000 or better
  • A composite ACT score of 21 or greater
  • Additional factors considered in the competitive admission process include rank in class, academic performance in secondary or post-secondary math and science courses, community service and health care related service.

Transcripts of students who have earned post-secondary credits will be reviewed to determine which course(s) may be transferred into PA College to meet the requirements of the program.

Current students and alumni who have graduated within the last year can contact the Office of Admissions using the form below for a quick application.

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Sciences and Humanities Requirements (67 credits)

Science CoursesCredits
BIO 105Human Biology3
BIO 185 or BIO 230Microbiology or Immunology3
BIO 250Nutrition for Life3
BIO 380Epidemiology3
Total Credits12
Social Sciences CoursesCredits
ECO 150Survey of Economics3
ECO 310American Health Care System3
ECO 350Economics of Health Care3
PSY 100General Psychology3
SOC 100 or SOC 200Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Diversity3
SOC 300Social Problems3
Total Credits18
Mathematics/Computer Science CoursesCredits
MAT 140 or
MAT 150 or
MAT 160
Introduction to Statistical Thinking or
Clinical Mathematics for the Health Sciences or
College Algebra or
Any college-level math class
MAT 260Statistics3
Total Credits6
Humanities CoursesCredits
CMP 150Digital Foundations Seminar3
ENG 100English Composition3
ENG 202Advanced Communication3
ENG 300Advanced Composition for Health Care3
ENG 310Business Communication3
HUM 210 or Humanities ElectiveWorld Religions or any Humanities course 3
PHI 210Ethical and Legal Dimensions in the Health Sciences1
PHI 330Ethical Issues in Health Care3
SPA 150 or any foreign languageIntroduction to Medical Spanish or
Any foreign language
Total Credits25
General Elective CoursesCredits
Any course3
Any 300-400-level course3
Total Credits6
Total Combined Credits67

Healthcare Administration, Health Sciences and Interprofessional Collaborative Requirements (53 credits)

Healthcare Administration Core CoursesCredits
HCA 200Principles of Healthcare Administration3
HCA 301Health Care Marketing3
HCA 305Data Analysis3
HCA 335Human Resources in Health Care3
HCA 340Legal Issues in Health Care3
HCA 350Leading Change in Health Care3
HCA 400Health Information Management3
HCA 410Health Care Quality3
HCA 415Health Care Finance3
HCA 420Health Care Planning and Policy3
HCA 448Introduction to Internship1
HCA 449Internship in Healthcare Administration2
Total Credits33
Health Sciences Core CoursesCredits
HSC 100Medical Terminology1
HSC 300Organizational Behavior3
HSC 320Leadership3
Total Credits7
Interprofessional Collaborative CoursesCredits
IPC 302Introduction to Capstone1
IPC 401Research in Health Care3
IPC 447Project Management3
IPC 450Capstone3
HSC 322Teaching and Learning3
Total Credits13
Total Combined Credits120