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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


Prepare for advanced clinical practice, leadership and management with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Learn online, in person, or with a blend of both options. Either way, you’ll enjoy working in a small class setting alongside expert faculty who support your personal and professional growth.

Students who take the hybrid classes meet once a week year-round, completing the curriculum in approximately seven semesters. Students who transfer credits, or who take additional courses per semester, may complete the degree in less time.


Applicants must have graduated from a regionally accredited associate program or hospital-based health sciences program with a 2.0 minimum GPA. They must also provide their license, certification, registry or eligibility for the same.

Applicants need to be working a minimum of 8 hours a week in a health care setting.



Upon proof of certification, registration, or licensure, students are awarded 33 lower division Heath Science credits for their coursework completed through their Associate degree or diploma program.

Sciences and Humanities Requirements (56 credits)

Science CoursesCredits
BIO 185 or BIO 230Microbiology or Immunology3
BIO 380Epidemiology3
Science Electives11
Total Credits17
NOTE: Two of three science electives must be 4 credits in order to total 17 credits.
Social Sciences CoursesCredits
ECO 150Survey of Economics3
ECO 310American Health Care System3
SOC 100 or SOC 200Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Diversity3
SOC 300Social Problems3
PSY 100General Psychology3
Total Credits15
Mathematics/Computer Science CoursesCredits
MAT 140 or
MAT 150 or
MAT 160
Introduction to Statistical Thinking or
Clinical Mathematics for the Health Sciences or
College Algebra or
any college-level math class
MAT 260Statistics3
Total Credits6
Humanities CoursesCredits
ENG 100English Composition3
ENG 300Advanced Composition for Health Care3
PHI 330Ethical Issues in Health Care3
Humanities ElectiveAny course with an ENG, HUM or PHI prefix3
Total Credits12
General Elective CoursesCredits
Any course3
Any 300- or 400-level course3
Total Credits6

Health Sciences, Interprofessional Collaborative and Concentration Requirements (31 credits)

Health Sciences CoursesCredits
HSC 300Organizational Behavior3
HSC 320Leadership3
Total Credits6
Interprofessional Collaborative CoursesCredits
IPC 302Introduction to Capstone1
IPC 401Research in Health Care3
IPC 450Capstone3
IPC 322Teaching and Learning3
Total Credits10
Option #1: Clinical Management Concentration CoursesCredits
HCA 200Principles of Healthcare Administration3
HCA 305Data Analysis3
HCA 335Human Resources in Health Care3
HCA 410Health Care Quality3
HCA 415Health Care Finance3
Total Credits15
Option #2: Advanced Practice/Sciences Concentration CoursesCredits
Students who choose this option will work with their advisor to determine appropriate advanced practice or science courses which will fit this concentration and prepare them for their envisioned future career and/or educational plans.15
Total Credits15