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Respiratory Care Associate Degree

Respiratory therapists, or RTs, help patients of all ages with breathing and lung problems. As an RT, you’ll work at the bedside with other health care professionals to assess, evaluate and diagnose problems ranging from asthma and lung disease to cardiac arrest.  In addition, RTs work outside of the hospital with roles in sub-acute care, home care, diagnostics, and rehabilitation.


Our respiratory care program begins in the fall and lasts for 24 months over six semesters. You’ll go hands-on from day one, training alongside experienced professionals in a variety of simulated and real-life settings. These include:

  • General patient care
  • Adult critical care
  • Neonatal critical care
  • Pediatrics
  • Pulmonary diagnostics
  • Cardiology
  • Home care and rehabilitation
  • Long-term acute care

You’ll graduate with the clinical experience necessary for the respiratory therapist credentialing exam.

See the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job outlook.


Our Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree respiratory therapy program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). See more accreditation information.



Applicants for the AAS degree respiratory therapy program must meet general admission requirements.


First Year: Associate in Applied Science Degree

Fall SemesterCredits
BIO 175Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
ENG 100English Composition3
HSC 100Medical Terminology1
MAT 160College Algebra3
SOC 100 or SOC 200Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Diversity3
Spring SemesterCredits
BIO 176Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
CHE 100General Chemistry3
HSC 101Methods of Patient Care1
RCP 110Respiratory Care Procedures I3
RCP 120Respiratory Care Lab I3
RCP 130Respiratory Care Theory I2
Summer SemesterCredits
RCP 140Respiratory Care Procedures II2
RCP 150Respiratory Care Lab II1
RCP 160Respiratory Care Theory II2
Total Combined Credits35

Second Year: Associate in Applied Science Degree

Fall SemesterCredits
PSY 100General Psychology3
RCP 201Entry Level Review2
RCP 210Respiratory Care Procedures III3
RCP 220Respiratory Care Lab III2
RCP 230Respiratory Care Theory III2
RCP 240Clinical Level I2
Spring SemesterCredits
PHI 210Ethical and Legal Dimensions in the Health Sciences1
RCP 251Respiratory Care Procedures and Diagnostics IV3
RCP 260Respiratory Care Lab/Clinical IV3
RCP 271Respiratory Care Theory and Application IV3
Summer Semester I & II CombinedCredits
RCP 280Advanced Level Respiratory Care Review2
RCP 290Clinical Level II4
Total Combined Credits68


College Catalog

Jim Christie, MPH, RRT

Program Director




Janelle Hess, M. Ed., RRT

Director of Clinical Education