2018 Excellence in Teaching Award

by PA College August 30, 2018

Each year, select faculty members at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences are recognized by their students and College administration for being nominated for the Kenneth G. Stoudt Excellence in Teaching Award. Established by the former chairman of the Board of Trustees, the award is given to a regular faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and student learning through instructing, mentoring and/or advising, and received a nomination from their students while meeting specific criteria.

The 2018 award was presented to Philomena Behmer, MEd, MS, Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology. 

Philomena began teaching at PA College 13 years ago, but was no stranger to education when she arrived – she spent 10 years before that teaching biology at a local high school.  Since then, Philomena has shown commitment to lifelong learning by returning to school for her second master’s degree (in Biology) and earned her 200-hour certification to teach yoga, which has paved the way for her current doctoral program in Adult Education with a focus on yoga and A&P.

As a first generation college student, Philomena understands the challenges that students can have to a college education and what it takes for all students to be successful in the classroom. The student who nominated her said, “On the first day of class, Ms. Behmer said something that I will carry with me forever: ‘There are always pains getting from no knowledge to knowledge.’ At the beginning of each semester of nursing, I would remind myself of this and, instead of trying to circumvent the frustration I felt, I was able to accept it as simply part of the learning process.”

According to Vice President of Academic Affairs, Kimberly Johnston, EdD, CNE, it is clear that Philomena “takes her students’ learning personally and strives to assure each one is successful.”

“I am humbled and honored to receive the excellence of teaching reward,” said Behmer. “To me, it is less of an accomplishment and more of an inspiration to continue to develop and facilitate meaningful experiences for students at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

When Philomena’s not on campus, you can find her in the local yoga studio, cooking, or outside hiking, running or kayaking.

Congratulations, Philomena Behmer, on this accomplishment!