• The Value of a PA College Education

    With the costs of a higher education on the rise, paying for a college degree can be daunting. But there’s good news for PA College students…

    Graduate Quicker.

    At PA College, we’re proud to offer flexible degree options including bridge programs for students with previous educational/clinical experience, evening/weekend tracks, accelerated courses for students in our bachelor’s programs and fully online master’s degree programs. We also guarantee a spot in our clinical programs from day one, so you’ll never have to wait to start taking courses in your major. This allows you to spend less time in school, collecting student debt, and more time working and earning money.

    Work Sooner.

    The job outlook for the health care industry is off the charts! And while students at other institutions are spending four years earning their college degree, our associate degree programs are designed to get you licensed and working in the industry in two years! At PA College, we also offer a ‘2+ 2’ option that allows you to earn your associate degree, obtain your clinical license, find a job in health care and continue with your bachelor’s degree – completing everything in four years with seamless enrollment!

    Earn More.

    In addition to our low tuition costs, according to recent data released through the U.S. Department of Education, alumni from PA College are earning more than any other graduates from two-year schools in the state! Compared to four-year schools, our graduates are in the top 10 percent of earners from all 199 colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. This means you can move through a degree program at PA College quicker and start earning more money than friends attending other schools.

    Owe Less.

    With less time spent earning your degree and more time spent earning money, you can expect to owe less. Compared to other private colleges and four-year schools, PA College boasts lower tuition costs in addition to 84 percent of our students receiving some type of financial aid. Our 2 + 2 option opens the door for employer-based tuition reimbursement for students who complete their associate degree and work in their field while earning their bachelor’s degree.