• Employee Benefits


    As part of the LG Health/Penn Medicine system, PA College is proud to be able to offer its employees exceptional benefit programs. These total reward offerings include health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, retirement income programs and tuition assistance.  Also offered are discounted movie and event tickets for purchase, group banking offerings, wireless service programs and access to discounts for local sporting and other events. 


    Health Benefits


    Choice of traditional PPO provider or high deductible health program with corresponding Health Savings Account (HSA).  Both programs provide in-patient, out-patient, behavioral health and prescription drug coverage.


    Two dental insurance plans are offered to help employees and their families achieve their oral health goals.  Both plans provide the freedom of choice to visit any dentist, regardless of their participation in the MetLife dental network.  Coverage is available for preventive, simple restorative, major restorative and orthodontia dental procedures.


    Coverage is available for vision exam, frame(s), lenses and contacts, as well as an option for non-prescription sunglasses.


    Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care)
    These accounts allow employees to use pre-tax dollars deducted from their pay to help cover eligible out-of-pocket health/dental/vision expenses, as well as dependent care (child or adult dependent) expenses.


    Life Insurance
    Eligible employees are provided with life insurance coverage at no cost.


    Retirement Income Account
    Employee Contributions: All employees may begin contributing to the Retirement Income Account (RIA) upon hire.  If you do not elect otherwise, 6% of your eligible pay will be deducted from your paycheck and deposited into your RIA as a pre-tax contribution after 45 days of employment with PA College. You have the option to decline participating in the RIA at any time.


    Employer Contributions: In addition to your own contributions, PA College will make pre-tax employer contributions to your RIA.  To be eligible for employer contributions, you must complete six months of service and have attained age 21.


    Beginning with your first paycheck after your six month anniversary, the College will contribute 2% of your eligible bi-weekly compensation (whether you are actively contributing or not) as an Employer Basic Contribution*. The College will also match your contributions, 50% up to 6% of compensation (you must be actively contributing to receive the Employer Matching Contribution).

    *May differ per hiring entity.

    You must complete three years of service, working 1,000 hours or more in each calendar year, to become 100% vested in the LG Health/Penn Medicine Employer Basic and Matching Contributions. You are always 100% vested in your own contributions.


    Paid Time Bank (PTB)
    Employees accrue PTB hours for the purposes of holiday pay, vacation time, personal time and short-term illness or injury.  Year-end PTB balances are rolled over from one year to the next, up to the PTB accrual maximum.


    Please note: regular faculty do not accrue PTB, and are instead granted a specified number of days off per academic year.


    Short Term Disability (STD)
    PA College employees accrue STD hours each pay period, beginning with your date of hire.


    Please note: regular faculty do not accrue STD, and are instead granted a specified number of days off per academic year.


    Long Term Disability (LTD)
    PA College provides employees with LTD coverage for absences greater than 90 consecutive days due to a disabling illness - at no cost.


    Additional (Voluntary) Health Benefits

    Voluntary Life Insurance Plans

    Employees may opt to purchase Supplemental Term Life Insurance or Supplemental Spouse & Dependent Child Life Insurance at low group insurance rates.  Two voluntary AFLAC plans are also offered to provide additional income for unexpected expenses due to a covered illness or injury.

    Voluntary Short Term Disability

    Employees may purchase additional disability income insurance. This benefit helps to safeguard income in the event of a prolonged illness or injury.

    Financial Counseling
    Employees have access to confidential and professional credit and debt counseling and other services regarding foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage and first-time home buyer services.

    Auto & Homeowners Insurance
    This program allows employees to purchase auto and home insurance at special group rates and have premiums paid through convenient payroll deduction.  Additional insurance policies are also available, including renters, boat and condo insurance.

    Wellness & Work-Life Benefits

    MyHealthy Living (and Rewards) Program
    Includes access to an onsite employee fitness center, preventive screenings, fitness and educational classes.  In addition, the MyHealthy Living Rewards program offers financial incentives for participating in health-promoting activities. 


    Employee Fitness Center
    Accessible 24/7, the Employee Fitness Center offers a variety of physical fitness classes to employees (including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, dance and strength training) as well as preventive screenings and classes regarding healthy weight management, stress management, community health, childbirth education classes and tobacco cessation counseling.  

    Employee Assistance Program
    This program provides confidential counseling and referral services for employees and their family members.


    Employee Assistance Fund
    This program provides financial support for eligible employees facing one of a range of temporary circumstances that result in personal or family hardships.


    Convenience Pharmacy
    Employees are offered discounts on prescription drugs and over-the-counter items through the Employee Convenience and LifeCare Pharmacies.  Over-the-phone and online prescription refill services, as well as prescription delivery services to your home or office are also available.


    Employee Service Center
    Employees may purchase discounted transit and group travel tickets, movie and special show tickets, amusement park and sports event tickets.  Additional services offered include dry cleaning drop off/pick up, access to copy and fax machines and free internet access.

    Home in the City
    A neighborhood housing program for eligible employees, Home in the City consists of three programs: Mortgage Insurance, Settlement Assistance and Curb Appeal. These programs apply to residential properties in an established area.  If you are buying a home for your primary residence or currently own and reside in a home within the established area, you may be eligible to participate in all or some of these programs.  

    Tuition Assistance Program
    Tuition assistance is available to eligible employees.  LG Health/Penn Medicine will reimburse up to $4,500 per calendar year for undergraduate courses* and up to $4,800 per calendar year for graduate level courses.

    *If you attend the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, you can be reimbursed up to 90% for undergraduate courses, limited to a 26 credit maximum, per calendar year. Graduate-level courses will be reimbursed up to 90%, limited to an 18 credit maximum, per calendar year.

    Additional Employee Discounts & Benefits

    Free parking
    Discounted meals at employer-owned cafeterias and cafes
    Legal and financial services
    Eldercare Information & Support Program
    Free immunizations and health screenings