• Healthcare Administration Degree

    Why choose our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program?
    Do you desire to be a leader in your workplace? Do your peers naturally look to you for direction and inspiration? Are you interested in a career in health care management? If that’s you, then the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration would be a great fit for you. A health care management degree allows you to combine your interest in the health care industry, with courses we offer in business and management. Learn how to become a health care administrator and lead within a variety of health care facilities while managing a team of professionals.


    New for the spring 2014, we will be offering this program online, offering even more convenience in a BSHA program – blend your learning with just the right balance in work and life.

    What will I learn?
    While earning a healthcare administration degree, you will have the opportunity to integrate general education classes with courses focusing on business, management and the health care industry.  You will learn about health care marketing, finance, policy, planning, human resources and much more.  This program is uniquely designed for our students, emphasizing leadership and current issues in health care management.  It offers limited class sizes in order to increase your opportunity to develop relationships with your peers and receive personal, one-on-one advising from our highly-trained faculty.  Most courses are available in an accelerated format to allow working adults the opportunity to move through at a pace that fits their busy lifestyles.  Upon completion of this program, you will be prepared to take on a role in an entry-level or middle-management position, pursue your master’s degree or both!

    BSHA Internship
    In adherence to the requirements set forth by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), students are expected to complete a mandatory health care administration internship as part of their BSHA program. During the internship, students will work alongside practicing health care professionals and participate in management-level tasks and/or projects within a health services (or related) organization. The BSHA program allows internship site preceptors, in collaboration with BSHA students and faculty, to negotiate and design those work activities that will be mutually beneficial and meet program guidelines. The PA College BSHA internship differs from a shadowing experience where student interns are merely observing management functions. Many of our students find that the internship experience opens employment opportunities for them upon graduation (though this is not guaranteed).
    What is the job outlook?
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 141,900 job openings are expected by 2020.

    2016-17 Tuition & Fees - Bachelor's Degree Program

     Undergraduate tuition per credit $560 per credit hour
     Undergraduate program tuition (flat program cost) Not Applicable
     General Education (GE) Science Lab Fee $235 per GE Lab Course

                                                        Note: All fees are non-refundable