• Master of Science in Health Sciences - Education

    The Masters of Science in Health Sciences - Education online program can be completed in two years and requires 33 credits to graduate. The degree prepares licensed and/or certified health care professionals to take leadership roles in health education across a wide range of higher learning institutions and hospitals. The program addresses core educator competencies with the ultimate goal of effectively preparing the next generation of health profession leaders- through cutting-edge educational theory in clinical learning as well as adult learning, including curriculum design, teaching strategies and assessment.

    Central to the vision of the PA College graduate programs is an interprofessional core of five courses in which students from all degree programs will collaborate and study together just as health care professionals do in their work settings. The online experience will be enhanced through a face-to-face learning educational event in two weekend sessions on our campus called integrating experiences (IE). Students at all levels and tracks will meet together during each IE with an opportunity to participate in plenary activities with peers at different mileposts in their course of study.

    IPC 501 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse 3
    IPC 502 Innovation and Technology* 3
    IPC 511 Graduate Research* 3
    IPC 512 Health Care Policy and Finance* 3
      Elective 3
      Elective 3
    NHE 531 Curriculum Design 3
    NHE 532 Educational Assessment 3
    NHE 611 Teaching Strategies 3
    IPC 601 Role Development and Leadership* 3
    HSC 630 Applied Practice in Health Science Education 3
      TOTAL CREDITS    33 

    *Interprofessional Core Courses