What is open studies?

    Are you thinking about taking a class to try out PA College, increase your knowledge, or complete some CEUs as a current health care provider? Or would you like to fulfill some curriculum requirements while waiting for a program acceptance at PA College? The open studies option is an opportunity for you to become a PA College student for a semester, earn college level credits, and discover firsthand the academic excellence found in our courses.

    What classes can I take?

    Open studies students are eligible to take any of the available general education courses offered at PA College, regardless of previous academic achievement. However, classes are designed for students who meet our admission requirements and certain courses may have pre-requisites (indicated by *). Students may register for their preferred class based on availability.

    • BIO 105: Human Biology/Lab
    • BIO 175: Anatomy & Physiology 1/Lab
    • BIO 176: Anatomy & Physiology 2/ Lab*
    • BIO 185: Microbiology/Lab
    • BIO 230: Immunology*
    • BIO 250: Nutrition for Life
    • BIO 376: Pathophysiology*
    • BIO 380: Epidemiology*
    • CHE 100: Chemistry/ Lab*
    • CMP 111: Digital Learning in the 21st Century
    • ECO 150: Survey of Economics
    • ECO 310: American Health Care System*
    • ENG 100: English Composition
    • ENG 201: Contemporary Oral Communication
    • ENG 300: Advanced Composition for Health Care*
    • ENG 310: Business Communication*
    • ENG 350: Telling the Stories of Medicine*
    • HLT 150: Wellness for Life
    • HLT 414: Holistic Health Modalities*
    • HUM 210: World Religions
    • HUM 310: Death, Dying, and Bereavement*
    • MAT 140: Introduction to Statistical Thinking
    • MAT 150: Clinical Mathematics for the Health Sciences
    • MAT 160: College Algebra
    • MAT 260: Statistics*
    • PHI 210: Ethical and Legal Dimensions in the Health Sciences*
    • PHI 330: Ethical Issues in Health Care*
    • PHY 150: Physics/ Lab*
    • PSY 100: General Psychology
    • PSY 300: Health Psychology*
    • SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 200: Cultural Diversity
    • SOC 300: Social Problems*
    • SPA 101: Elementary Spanish
    • SPA 200: Spanish for Health Care*

    In addition, current health care providers may also be eligible to enroll in the following courses:

    • DMS 340 Vascular Sonography*
    • HSC 100 Medical Terminology (online course)
    • HSC 150 Phlebotomy
    • HSC 151 Phlebotomy Clinical*
    • HSC 195 Cross-sectional anatomy*
    • NUR 330 Health Informatics and Technology
    • NUR 412 Women and Health
    • NUR 325-OA Chronic Illness and Healthcare
    • NUR 414-OA Holistic Health Modalities
    • RAD 301 Principles of Computed Tomography*
    • RAD 302 Computed Tomography Clinical*
    • RAD 311 Magnetic Resonance Imaging*
    • RAD 312 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinical (future plans)*
    • RAD 360 Principles of Mammography*
    • RAD 361 Mammography Clinical*
    • SUR 102 Surgical Pharmacology and Anesthesia (to be offered beginning spring 2015)

    How does it work?

    Are you a returning PA College student or a LG Health/Penn Medicine employee? If you answered “yes,” please contact the Office of Admissions for your application.  

    Is this your first experience with PA College? To become an open studies student, you will need to complete the following steps:

    • Complete an application to the open studies program.
    • Check your email for access information, advising tips, and updates from the Center for Learner Success.
    • Register for your preferred class at the designated time.
    • Prepare to learn, study, and explore!


    How can I pay for these courses?

    All students are eligible to take advantage of a payment plan option. Many employers also offer tuition reimbursement for successful completion of college courses. Unfortunately, federal financial aid does not cover the costs of the open studies opportunity. Aid is reserved for students who have been accepted to a degree at PA College.


    I’ve already attended PA College as an open studies student and want to enroll in one of the programs. What is my next step?

    Completing an application is your first step. Please follow these steps and contact the Office of Admission at (800) 622-5443 for information on a free application.