General Education-

    A Foundation For Excellence

    Why take General Education courses at PA College?

    Our general education curriculum lays the groundwork for our academic programs.

    General Education Courses:

    • Provide a rigorous foundation for clinical majors by developing essential skills for intellectual, personal and professional growth.
    • Align with majors through faculty collaboration and focus on health care.
    • Allow you to work closely with faculty who are experts in their fields and offer additional support outside the classroom setting.
    • Showcase your work to potential employers through our electronic portfolio that highlights your learning in core areas.
    • Enable adult learners to connect fundamental knowledge with applications in your professional practice in health care.

    What will I learn?

    Our general education curriculum gives you a broader perspective of diverse disciplines outside your major. Humanities and social science lay the foundation for you to work effectively with others by developing skills in communications, cultural sensitivity, ethical reasoning and civic responsibility. Our math and science curriculum help you make informed decisions and develop the scientific, quantitative, and technological skills for your major coursework.

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    Associate Degree Core General Education Curriculum

      Core Requirement Area Associate Degree Required Courses  Credits
     Humanities - 4 credits ENG 100 English Composition 3
    PHI 210 Ethical and Legal Issues in the Health Sciences 1
     Mathematics - 3 credits MAT 150 Clinical Mathematics for the Health Sciences or MAT 160 College Algebra 3
     Science - 11 credits BIO 175 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
    BIO 176 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
    BIO 185 Microbiology or PHY 150 Physics 3
     Social Science - 3 credits SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology or SOC 200 Cultural Diversity 3
     Total Credits 21


    Baccalaureate Degree Core General Education Curriculum

    Core Requirement Area Baccalaureate Degree Required Courses Credits
    Humanities - 12 credits ENG 100 English Composition 3
    ENG 300 Advanced Composition for Health Care 3
    PHI 330 Ethical Issues in Health Care 3
    Major requirements in the humanities 3
    Mathematics - 6 credits MAT 260 Statistics 3
    Major requirements in mathematics 3
    Science - 12 credits Major requirements in the sciences 12
    Social Science - 12 credits ECO 150 Survey of Economics 3
    ECO 310 American Health Care System 3
    SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology or SOC 200 Cultural Diversity 3
    Major requirement in the social sciences 3
    Total Credits 42

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