• Professional Certificate: Healthcare Administration

    Whether you’re a clinician looking to learn the leadership skills for healthcare administration, or you’re a health professional who is looking to take your career to the next level, or perhaps you are in a position outside of health care but want to become a health care leader, this program is for you. In our professional certificate for Healthcare Administration, you will develop your leadership skills and knowledge of contemporary issues in health care, business and management, so you can step up to increased responsibility within a health care organization.

    At the completion of the professional certificate in Healthcare Administration, you will:

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the leadership qualities unique to the health care management professional.
    • Plan the optimization of resources, processes and knowledge to support organizations in delivering health care.
    • Analyze the health policy and management issues and their impact on all aspects of health care delivery.

    Admission Requirements

    Prospective students are eligible to enroll in this program if one of the following descriptions apply.

    • Students currently enrolled in either the RN to BSN program or the BSHS program at PA College can work with their academic advisor to outline the most efficient way to schedule courses to earn the professional certificate at the same time as their bachelor’s degree.
    • Applicants who have earned their associate or bachelor’s degree in any field may apply. Each applicant will be considered to determine if he or she has the prerequisite knowledge to be successful. English composition and college-level math, or the equivalents, are required prerequisites.
    HCA 200 Principles of Healthcare Administration 3 credits
    HCA 315 Health Care Finance 3 credits
    HCA 400 Health Information Management 3 credits
    HCA 410 Health Care Quality 3 credits
    HCA 420 Health Care Policy & Planning 3 credits

    Select one of the following:

    HCA 301    Health Care Marketing 3 credits
    HCA 335 Human Resources in Health Care 3 credits
    HCA 340 Legal Issues in Health Care 3 credits
    HCA 350 Leading Change in Health Care 3 credits

    TOTAL   18 credits

    Gainful Employment Disclosure