Online Programs

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    The flexibility and convenience of online learning allows you to pursue your educational goals without having to put your life on hold. Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences delivers a quality, rigorous education, right to your doorstep, so that you can advance your career while maintaining your lifestyle.


    Will online classes provide me with the same quality of education as face-to-face classes?  


    PA College is dedicated to providing rigorous, quality education in both the online and face-to-face environments. Our online classes are held to the same high standards as our face-to-face courses and are taught by faculty who are experts in their field.


    How will my online classes be delivered?


    We have partnered with Blackboard Learn, the industry-leading learning management system, to deliver our online courses. Through Blackboard Learn, you will access course materials, multimedia, interactive activities, and assignments from one centralized location. You can collaborate with your peers and communicate with your instructor electronically via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.


    Is online learning right for me?


    Online learning has many benefits, but it may not be a good fit for everyone. Find out what it takes to be a successful online student and take a readiness self-assessment: Is online learning right for me?


    What programs are currently available online?



    PA College currently offers our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, our Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) in an online format. In addition, beginning in the fall 2015, we will also offer four new master’s degree programs online and a Professional Certificate in Cardiac Electrophysiology.

    State Authorization for Online Learning